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Don’t Kid Yourself!

Posted on Jan 8, 2016

Boy oh boy. This Kid Carson drama has really stirred up a controversy. But my Mama always says “a pile of shit doesn’t stink unless you start poking it!” (this sounds better in Finnish, something is lost in translation here…)

Die hard Kid Carson fans are pissed. He is such a big part of their morning routine, they are at a complete loss. Furthermore, they are stunned that such a great guy could be fired. Fired!!

Die hard Randi Chase fans are elated! The emotional rollercoaster has ended. For weeks they wondered why she was gone, and now has returned with no explanation. They don’t care why, they are just glad she’s back!

People have questions. A LOT of questions. I’m not here to answer their questions, I just want to give them something to think about:

What if Kid is actually a really hard person to work with? What if his on-air persona is not who he is in real life? What if he got paid a million dollars each year and the money went to his head? What if his ego got out of control and he started acting like a big shot instead of a team player?

What if Kid didn’t like it when Randi stood up to him and voiced her opinion? What if Randi was given an ultimatum – apologize on air or leave – and she walked because she’d had enough of his BS?

What if Kiss realized that Kid was a liability? What if Kiss decided that it was worth paying out Kid’s contract instead of hanging onto the sinking ship? What if Kiss decided to honour Randi’s contract so they didn’t have to pay out 2 contracts? What would they have to lose?

Kiss lost listeners when Randi left. Now those listeners will be back, and they will lose a different portion of their listeners. Those who leave will search for a new morning show to entertain them on their commute. Maybe, just maybe, those people put on their big boy pants and give┬áRandi, Andrew, and Susie a chance. If they suck, no biggie! Change the station! It’s a simple press of a button.

I’m not saying this is what happened, I’m just saying this COULD be what happened. There is only a handful of people that actually knows the truth. You and I will probably never be told.

Don’t kid yourself – there’s a reason they say “don’t meet your heroes!” I know it’s hard to imagine that your hero is a real person, with feelings and failings and flaws. It’s like learning that your parents are assholes – it’s gonna hurt! But don’t blindly follow someone you actually know very little about…

Me included! Don’t think that what I say is the truth, or any portion of the truth. It’s my opinion, and it should be taken with a grain of salt. Always. I do not speak for anyone else…

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