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Drunk texting?

Posted on Jan 28, 2016

Nope. This is “drunk blogging”!!!

It was my 10 year anniversary today so hubby and I went out for beers, had appies, and shot pool. I won 2 out of 3 games, in case you were wondering. And I had 3 pints. Heh. But anyway…

This morning there was a bit of drama before I left on my anniversary lunch. I heard that Joey at 95.3 told TWO callers that they were caller 8. Um… what??

I hate that. Why screen?? It’s not their job to screen, it’s their job to take caller 9 (or 10 or whatever that station takes). The promo peeps will take care of the rest – if that caller had already won something in the previous 30 days, they would be told they weren’t eligible and wouldn’t be given the prize. No biggie.

But the problem is that sometimes the hosts or producers make mistakes. I’ve heard Willy do this when he answers the calls live – he asks Kimmie “what caller was I on?!”

Or sometimes they just decide to take matters into their own hands. Whatever the case, they do not have the right to decide who plays and who doesn’t play. If the on-air personalities say “caller 10 right now will play”, it is the job of the person answering the phones to pick up the 10th caller through and let them play. If it comes to light AFTER the fact that the person was ineligible, the promo peeps will let the winner know. That’s THEIR job.

When the person taking the calls makes their own judgement call, they are held accountable. And that’s what I’m doing – I’m holding them accountable. If they told TWO people that they are caller 8, they are clearly in the wrong. If it was a mistake, okay, it was a mistake. But if it was intentional (they were looking for a female/male caller, or a caller they didn’t recognize) then that is NOT okay. They have an obligation to TAKE THE CALLER THEY ANNOUNCED, whether that caller is eligible or not.

I tweeted about the “mistake” and I apologize for getting peeps into trouble. It was not my intention. My intention is to let the hosts/producers/phone answerers know that YES, we ARE watching and listening, and NO, you are NOT allowed to cheat. If it’s caller 10, it’s caller 10. No ifs ands or buts. Just caller 10. Don’t pick and choose your players. Just don’t.

Continued abuse of your role will result in complaints to the authorities, and you will be held accountable. Your station will get a slap on the wrist and YOU will get a black mark on your file.

That doesn’t mean that the station is bad – the person that made the call is tainted – but we are all on alert. And the next station you work for (because you won’t last long if you continually make them look bad!) will be on guard and watching you like a hawk.

At least, that’s what I HOPE will happen.

But again, I’m a nobody. I’m just a listener. And I don’t give a flying F@$K if your ego is bruised because you got caught being an a-hole.  I have no stake in it, no investment. Except that if you work for a station that I LOVE and work with people I ADORE, you’d best be on your BEST behaviour, because I will be listening! And I will call you on your shit.

Just like my husband calls me on mine. And that’s why we’ve lasted 10 years. Because sometimes we all need to be called on our shit…