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Jan 11th – 15th

Posted on Jan 10, 2016

Here is a review of the major contests for the week of Jan 11th – 15th.

Let’s start with my favourite:

Red Solo Cup

I wrote about this contest in a post last week, so I’m just going to copy and paste it here. If you already read it last week, just skip to the next one. If not, here’s the deal:

This JRFM game is suuuuuuper fun! They have written “Winner” on the inside of a red solo cup. The other 4 cups have no writing. All 5 cups are turned upside down. If you are the lucky caller, you get to choose a cup. If your chosen cup has the word “winner”, you win a fabulous prize!

Here’s what you win: a $1000 voucher for flights to Vegas (which means you and a friend can travel directly from Vancouver and pay $500 per ticket, or you can fly from Bellingham and get 4 of you there for $200 per ticket), 3 nights at Harrah’s (mid-strip), dinner at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar And Grill (great food, great music!), and 2 passes to the High Roller (a ferris wheel type ride where you are enclosed in a bubble and view the city as it slowly turns – it takes 35 minutes and some of the bubbles have a bar!)

I won this exact prize a few years ago. We decided to fly via Bellingham so we could take the kids. The travel agent was lovely, so helpful. The hotel was wonderful – very classy, amazing pools, nice rooms, comfy beds, and the fridge was VERY handy! We picked up groceries and just ate in our room – a loaf of bread, some peanut butter, milk, cereal, and fruit were all we needed. The dinner at Toby Keith’s was delicious, plus we had lots of leftovers which carried us through the next day too.

We made 2 mistakes: Firstly, we took the kids. Don’t take the kids. Secondly, we went in September. It was 36 degrees. That’s hot. Check the average annual monthly temperatures for Vegas and book according to your comfort level. Comfortable for me is about 25 degrees. Anything more and I’m melting! The end of October is a nice time to go… 😀

What I love about this PRIZE is that YOU get to choose when you want to go (before Sept 30, 2016). Nobody is excluded because they can take them during the holidays they’ve already booked off! Plus I love that everything is included – entertainment, food, hotel, flights.

What I love about this GAME is that it’s SO FUN! It’s fast too – they usually give away one trip per day, sometimes 2 and sometimes none. Also, I appreciate the instant gratification – you know right away whether you won or not! I will keep track of which cups have been guessed already, so if you get a chance to play, make sure you check my Red Solo Cup post (yet to be written) to see which cup you should guess.


Beat Your Bills

It’s odd that they kept the name even though they switched from Beat to Virgin, but whatever. I would’ve gone with Paying Your Dues, or Pump Up Your Payments, or maybe something with a more positive spin, like “Let Virgin Pick Up the Cheque!” I guess they wanted to stick with the familiar, so as not to confuse the audience… (?!)

What happens here is they call the name of a person who has submitted their request for Virgin to “beat their bill”. That person has 15 minutes to call them back. If they do, Virgin will pay their bill. It could be $1000 towards a Visa bill, a $400 phone bill, or an $847 student loan. Whatever it is, just tell them – they might call your name! One year they called the same person’s name TWICE! So you never know, may as well give it a try…

Just go log in HERE, tell them which bill and for how much, then listen to see if they drew your name at 7:10, 8:10, 11:10, and 3:10 every weekday. If there’s a time that you can’t listen, send me your contact info to and I’ll call/text/email/mssg you if your name is called. Because I’m listening anyway, and I know YOU can’t listen every time, so I’m happy to help.


Splash or Cash

This is a new one (as far as I know) for CFOX. It’s the same as Rock 101’s Cash or Car – remember that from last year?! Chris won a jeep!! That was exciting! Except this time the prize is an all-inclusive trip to Mexico every week instead of one jeep. Here’s how it works:

If you are the 9th caller after the cue to call at 8:30, 11, 2, and 5 (or so), you have to choose whether you want to be in the draw for a weekly trip to Puerto Vallarta, or if you want the cash. They will try to bribe you to opt for the money, but hold firm – unless you could really use $350 at the moment, it might be worth sticking to your guns and getting in the draw! I’m pretty sure I heard Willy’s bribe go up to $5000 last year, but I can’t be sure they’ll throw the same money at it this time. And it only happened the one time – other bribes were $300, give or take a few hundred.

But the weekly trip to Mexico might be worth it if you’re a fan of Puerto Vallarta – if everyone who plays chooses the trip, there are still only 20 people in the draw. Those are fantastic odds!!! Or at least they would’ve been, if they didn’t add into the rules and regs that they will be taking up to 20 in-person entrants throughout the contest period. The contest runs for 11 weeks, so sometimes they will take extra qualifiers on evenings or weekends at CFOX sponsored events. If you’re in the draw THAT week, your odds are slightly less. Still good though! So check their schedule of sponsored events and try to get in the week that there isn’t one. Or not – the more people that take the bribe, the less people in the draw! WOOT!

There’s only one wrench in the cogs – you HAVE to take the trip between April 30th and May 7th. If you can’t travel then, you may as well call in and take the bribe. But the bribes can end abruptly, so don’t get greedy! If they offer you $100 and you say no, they might offer you $200, or they might say “okay, you’re in the draw!” in which case you are screwed if you win.

Another thing to note is that if you have won anything from CFOX in the last 30 days, you are NOT eligible to play. And if you call in and opt for the cash OR the trip, you (or anyone in your household!) can’t play again for 30 days. Since the contest runs for 77 days, you could technically win (or enter the draw) 3 times! But don’t. That’s just greedy and makes you look like a jerk.

I will be referring to this contest as “Vacay or Pay” so Corus doesn’t get their panties in a knot about copyrights and whatnot. Not that they ever have, but I don’t want to step on any toes…


Viva Rock Vegas

This description I also copied and pasted from the previous post, so skip it if you read it last week. It’s the same. If not, read on!

Rock 101 is taking a bunch of listeners to Vegas for the Elton John show at Caesar’s Palace! Oh. My. God. Okay, if I had known they were going to do an Elton trip, I never would’ve won that Santana trip last year! GAH!! Elton John is my hero, the first singer I idolized as a kid. I know all of his songs backwards and forwards, and I would KILL to see him in Vegas! And at Caesar’s Palace? Good grief! That place is stunningly glamorous.

The trip includes 3 nights at the Linq hotel, which is mid-strip, right across the street from Caesar’s Palace. But don’t let “right across the street” fool you – if you’ve been to Vegas, you know that it will take you half an hour to “walk across the street” from Caesar’s to Linq. The flights will leave from Bellingham, so you’ll have to find your way there. If I win, I can pick you up on my way. 😉

The prize doesn’t include the Resort Fees at the Linq, but they’re only $29 USD per day. You will also need to make your way from the airport to the hotel, which isn’t terribly far and if you hook up with other travellers who won the trip, you can split a cab. Ask the cabbie to stop at a grocery store so you can grab some food and cheap beers on your way, so you can start indulging as soon as you settle in. Haha!

How do you win? Well, it’s easy! You just listen for Rock 101 to play “Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)”. When you hear it play, wait for it to end and then be caller 10. You win instantly. There are 24 trips to be won between Jan 11th and Feb 19th, which is 29 days if you account for the Family Day holiday. This means that the song will NOT play EVERY day, there will be 5 days when it doesn’t play at all. Luckily I like listening to Rock 101 so it won’t bother me if I listened all day and it didn’t play.

The trip takes place April 26th – 29th. These set travel times means that not everyone will be able to play. FYI, I’m totally playing. I want in! I love Vegas, I love Elton John, and April is the ideal time to be in Vegas (the average temp is 26 degrees – PERFECT!!!)

Rock 101 also has a Super Bowl party contest going on so I asked hubby which he would rather go to – the Super Bowl party or the Elton John in Vegas trip. He answered “Super Bowl Party!” You could’ve knocked me over with a feather. I was shocked that he would take a party (though it would be a wicked party) over a trip to Vegas. So… who wants to go to Vegas with me?! LOL!


Z $10,000 Song

Awww snap! I was hoping Zed would bring back Gold Digger, but I think maybe the digger’s been buried. Bummer. That was a fun game…

Instead we get to listen for Taylor Swift’s “Style” song. If they play it from beginning to end, the 95th caller through after the song ENDS will win a cool $10 grand. Ten. Grand. I can tell you from experience that while you wouldn’t think that is life changing, it truly DOES change your life. Even if you only use it to pay bills, the stress relief is life-altering!

So listen up! I don’t know when it’s going to play or how often (I’d guess 3 times over the 4 weeks), but they may give us a clue when the time nears… I’ll let you know if I see/hear anything!


That’s a wrap! I will keep an eye out for a staycation from Jack, and QMFM’s Beat the Bank probably won’t start until March, but the contests above should keep us plenty busy these next few months.