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Kiss is Growing Up! ***UPDATED***

Posted on Jan 7, 2016


Karma bites back!

Kid is out, Randi’s in!

The new morning show at Kiss is Randi, Andrew, and Susie!!!

This. is. awesome.

And HERE you will find my FINAL post on the subject! No more!!!

But still check out the daily schedule of radio contests here: #winning


The axe has fallen at Kiss.

The (perhaps appropriately named) Kid Carson is gone.

Kiss made the announcement on their Facebook page just after noon on Thursday, January 7th. I’d like to say shockwaves were felt, but I don’t think anyone was surprised…

Their brief announcement HERE didn’t go into details, just said that Kid Carson and Kiss had “parted ways”. This, I believe, is radio-speak for “got called into the office after his show and was told he had 2 minutes to gather his things before they had security walk him to the door.”

There is not a single whiff of him left on their website, and there was no mention of Andrew. I’m assuming they both got axed. And I have a feeling this has been in the works for a few weeks, ever since Randi left and people realized that the show was lifeless when the colour (and the voice of reason) was stripped away. Ball-Buster Susie is a big question mark – her Twitter profile still says she’s the KCS producer at Kiss. Maybe the shock hasn’t worn off enough to update her social media profiles…

Kid Carson will land on his feet. It only took 2.5 hours for him to get past the sting and post an instagram pic indicating he’s only on pause:


I can’t think of any station on the Lower Mainland that has a place for Kid, all of the morning shows are solid. If he decided to take the example of Todd Hancock and his Toddcast Podcast, who has etched himself a nice niche, a podcast by Kid would actually spark quite a bit of interest!

While Randi Chase remains quiet about her departure (read my post about that HERE) and has no comment about this new development, our dear friend Chelsea Hobbis was ready with an opinion, tweeting “I don’t think that calling “SHOT GUN” would have actually worked! #karma” with a picture saying “My dream job would be driving the KARMA BUS”.


Three minutes later she tweeted a YouTube link – a video about the secret of success, about appreciating life, living with purpose, and starting over. Perhaps some advice meant for Kid Carson??

I’ve no idea what is going to happen at Kiss now, but I will bet money that their ratings will increase in the coming year. Their post reads “we have something really special to tell you about regarding the future of KiSS Mornings”. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Chelsea Hobbis got to drive that Karma Bus right into the morning slot at Kiss radio, with Randi Chase riding shotgun?!

We can only hope…