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Lotto Max Jan 8th ***UPDATED***

Posted on Jan 8, 2016

***UPDATED*** No luck this week! But we will try again next Friday – the jackpot went UP! WOOT!!!


Here is our ticket for Friday, Jan 8th. The jackpot is $44 million. That *might* buy you a tear-down in Vancouver. Hah!

Comment on this post to be in the draw with me. If we win, I will take half and split the rest with those who comment. An extra ten grand (if we win!) for those who comment with their favourite radio station! 😀

I think we all know what mine is, but in case you are new, I’ll tell you: Z95.3

But I also listen to Rock 101 (Willy in the morning only!), JRFM (Clay & Karen & Purvey in the morning), Jack (mornings and occasionally in afternoons), QMFM (mornings only!), LG104.3 (throughout the day), CFOX (occasionally but mornings only!), and Peak (in and out throughout the day, depends who’s hosting and what’s playing).

Yes, I’m old. I don’t listen to the kiddie stations unless my kids are in the car and ask me to change the station. I actually don’t mind listening to Virgin when Chris is on, or Kiss when Ara’s on…

Your turn!

And cross everything!!!