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Mountain Magic

Posted on Jan 3, 2016

There aren’t any on-air contests to tell you about for today, but tomorrow morning I’ll be up early, ready to update our schedule with fun stuff! The sites aren’t updated yet (in fact, some contest pages look like they’re being rehauled!), so I’ll hope for more info later today and put out the schedule tonight.

Meanwhile, you can go enter the online contests in yesterday’s post HERE. Many of them end tonight.

Also ending tonight is Grouse Mountain’s incredible deal! Their Annual Family Pass has been on sale this season – regular $279 on sale for $159. This pass gets year-round Grouse Mt. access for a family of 4, plus a bunch of perks. You can take the tram up and down for free as many times as you want – that itself is an experience. You also get 20% off at the Starbucks at the base, 20% off Adventure Day Camps (for kids 5-16 years old), 20% off merch at the mountain top stores, your first skate, snowshoe, and ski/snowboard rental is free then you get 20% off each time after that, and 20% off lift tickets on weekends. PLUS you can take up to 2 guests each up the mountain for 50% off. Bring your friends! It’s $44 for an adult to go up the mountain – you can take them for $22! Sweet!

This is an incredible deal and I am so grateful to the guy that passed on stealing my Grouse Mountain prize on CFOX’s Bad Santa because I was able to buy this pass for us. We’ve only ever taken the kids to Grouse Mountain in the summer – we’ve walked up the Grind with the kids, then taken the tram down. And we don’t do it very often because we can’t afford to take the tram down (you aren’t allowed to walk DOWN the Grind) – it’s $10 per person! This is the first time we’ve been able to take the kids up in the winter, and we’ve been there twice already this week!

It’s spectacular up there – so much snow, so beautiful, and so much to do even if you don’t ski. We’ve been skating, sledding, playing in the snow, walking the Light Walk, watching Christmas movies in the theatre while enjoying hot chocolate, etc. Yesterday they had a fire going in the fire pit and people were toasting marshmallows!!

We bought the parking pass for $40, used it the first day, then promptly lost it. We were going to put it on a piece of clear plastic so we could use it on both of our cars, but now we can’t find it. I’m about to sift through our garbage to see if I threw it out. So if you buy the parking pass PUT IT ON YOUR CAR!!! When we went up yesterday we just parked on the roadside for free, but we really lucked out getting a spot there…

Why am I telling you all of this? Because the deal ends TODAY! I am so thrilled with my new-found love of Grouse Mountain, I want you all to experience the magic too! Our friends bought the pass and they were up there for the New Year’s festivities, apparently it was wonderful. They bought their pass over the phone, but first they had to wait on hold for 55 minutes – Grouse is crazy busy in their Customer Service area! But if you can’t get there to buy the passes in person today, then waiting on hold is a good option. You can’t buy it online – for some reason the discounted rate doesn’t show up. *shrug*

I think we might head up there again today – school starts tomorrow so I want the kids in bed early, and all that mountain air really poops them out. Heh heh. And I’ve discovered that I actually LIKE skating! After 12 years together, my hubby saw me skating for the first time yesterday. I took figure skating as a kid so I can skate okay, but I just never go. I picked up some used skates at Cheapskates this week for $10 – I plan on using them to stick to my New Year’s resolutions (more exercise and fresh air!)

Join me!