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Shut The Front Door!

Posted on Jan 8, 2016

Well, toss my razor and call me Chewbacca!

You should’ve heard me yowl like Chewy when I heard that Cory Ashworth is leaving The Peak. It actually caused my husband to look up from the tv!!

Casey-Jo made the heartbreaking announcement at about 6:40 Thursday night. Cory was quick to ensure us that no, he was NOT going over to the Kid Carson Show, adding “Kid got canned today”. He knows how that feels, since he was fired from The Peak just a few short years ago. That was when Kevin and Sonia moved into the morning slot, and Cory fell off the grid. At least, as far as Vancouver radio went.

But after a hiatus he made his way back to the Peak, and it was wonderful to hear him back on the airwaves. He has a voice and easy style that is very pleasing to my ear and I love his cool vibe. This news is a bigger blow to me than the loss of KCS…

I can only hope that he is moving on to a regular slot at another local station and not moving away. I know that he does other stuff besides radio hosting, so I’m sure he’s got BIG plans and a BIG future!

Cory, please keep us posted!!!