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Posted on Jan 27, 2016

Remember last year when Z95.3 had the contest where the guy was handcuffed to his future Mother-in-Law? I wasn’t thrilled with the contest because it was pretty exclusive – you had to be engaged, you had to have a Mother, you had to be able to take a week off work, etc. Well, this year’s out-0f-the-box contest is similar, but different!

I still can’t enter, but this one sounds like a lot more fun to watch! It’s called Ultimate Blind Date – they blindfold a girl and send her on a date with 4 blindfolded guys. They will all take a 1000 km drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas. It’s actually only 665 kms from San Fran to Vegas, but maybe they’re taking the long route.

Whoever makes it to Vegas gets to enjoy a $10,000 dream date. What’s that mean? Dunno. Staying in a penthouse suite? Dinners, shows, all the drinks and food, limos, helicopter tours? Yup, probably.

The details on this contest are scant at the moment, hopefully more will be revealed soon. Like WHEN is it taking place? How do the contestants get eliminated? Will they be kicked out of the car and forced to hitchhike home? Who’s driving? Where are they sleeping? How do they get to San Fran?

What a hoot that would be! I WANT TO GO AS A CHAPERONE!!! Have you ever been on a long drive with someone you want to impress? You’re eating fast food and sitting in a small space for hours on end without moving – it’s a guaranteed recipe for gas build-up! There will be noises and smells emitted during this drive and I want to watch their faces! Baaahahahaha!

What if the poor girl is stuck with 4 guys that, by the end of it, disgust her? What if they’re not her type at all, and now she has to spend 3 nights with one of them in Sin City? It’s pretty hard to pick blind dates for somebody. I went out with a guy once that I liked but his smell repulsed me – I couldn’t stand to be near him! It was over pretty quickly! Oooh, I would NOT want to be this poor girl…

But if YOU would, go enter HERE. Ignore the part of the form where it says “What do you look for in a perfect person?” – there’s no such thing as “a perfect person”. There MAY be the “perfect person for YOU”, but let’s be real – there are a hundred “perfect persons” for each of us. I could’ve ended up with any number of people, I just happened to find THIS one. Is he PERFECT for me? Hell no! My “perfect person” would’ve had a good job, been social, clean, and had no pets. Instead I ended up with a guy who’s a bit of a slob, lived in a trailer, didn’t have a job, and had 2 dogs! Ugh! I never would’ve imagined it would work out, but I gave it a shot and look at us now – 2 kids and a great life! So don’t search for the “perfect person”, search for “the person who I know will be my soft place to fall no matter what happens”, or “the person that has the least annoying traits”, or “the person who will put up with my crap”!

I’d love it if they picked a bisexual person as the main contestant – they could have two guys and two girls as suitors and BOY that would make for some serious drama/chemistry/fun! But that sounds more like an American reality show…