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Mea Culpa

Posted on Feb 8, 2016

We went to the Rock 101 Super Bowl Party. We could’ve gone to the Jack party, but we decided to give this one a shot.

We hired a sitter, $75 from 12-7.

We got cheap parking – $5 for the day (sweet!)

We got one free drink upon arrival. It was a sleeve of Bud. Blech. But okay.

We bought squares in the football pool. $20.

We ordered an appetizer tray with pizza, wings, potato bites, dry ribs. $25.


Then three of us ordered “Boston pints” of Bud, $5 each. We had 3 each. $45


It was 2:30. We were seated at a long table, so some couples came and sat beside us. I was at the window, so they sat next to my husband.


We were loud. It was a party. We talked loudly, we laughed loudly. The people next to us didn’t crack a smile. One sat on her phone, looking bored. The others didn’t talk. Whatever.

My husband is the jovial type. He talks to everyone. He likes to engage and have a good time. He is not at all threatening or invasive, he is simply fun. Which can be annoying if you’re not into it, I suppose.

At about 4:30, the woman at the next table leans over to my husband and says “can you just tone it down a little?” He nods and turns to me with a smile that I KNOW. I asked “what did she say to you?” and he told me what she said. I looked at my friend and said “I need to go outside. Right now.” and she said “Yup! Let’s go!” because she had heard the exchange. That’s when I tweeted this photo of the snot. Looks like she’s smiling but that’s just the botox.


Once outside, I lit up a smoke and said “WTF?! Was he being obnoxious? No. If you’re not in the mood for a party, why are you at a party?!” I know my husband. He is not aggressive or confrontational, and will avoid problems if possible. I, however, am not that type. If you’re an asshole, we have a problem.

We went back in. I asked my husband to move over to the window seat so I could put some distance between him and the snotty beotch beside him. Reluctantly, he moved over. Then I noticed that our table was wet. Had someone spilled their beer? I grabbed some napkins from the waiters’ station and started mopping up.

Little did I know that while I was outside having my “smoke break” (calming down), the woman across the table had thrown her drink. On my husband. Um… WHAT?

Apparently, she had told her boyfriend that my husband was annoying, so he had half-assed threatened my husband. “Look, I could take you outside and we could fight, but I don’t want to have to do that.” My husband, who is NOT at all a fighter, just shrugged and shook his head. He doesn’t want to fight. What for? About what? Nothing was happening, nothing had gone on, there was no problem here. Where did this come from?

All of a sudden, his bored girlfriend had enough of her phone and decided to throw her drink on my husband. All over him. His work shirt, his jeans, his shoes. The whole drink. Now, my husband is such a nice guy that all he did was shake his head. He didn’t get up and throw punches, he didn’t scream “You fucking bitch!”, he didn’t do anything. He just sat there and shrugged.

The drink-thrower and her boyfriend were escorted out. Did they pay their bill? I doubt it. Sneaky!

This is where I walk in – a minute after this has happened. I don’t know that this has all happened, because my husband knew that I would lose my shit if I heard about it. Instead, he obliges me by moving to the window seat – he doesn’t want to cause any hassles. He’s a NICE GUY!!!

He looks at me and says “we’re being asked to leave.” Um… what? Why? I went out for a smoke and now I have to leave?? WTF?! I asked him “what happened?” and he said “the girl across the table threw a drink at me. Now we all have to leave.” I was incredulous!

I looked to the Boston Pizza folks who were lording over us. What? Why do we have to leave? What happened?? They just apologized and said “sorry, you just have to go.” No explanation. No reason. Just “sorry!”

My husband, ever congenial and fair, paid our $75, and even handsomely tipped our waitress Georgina. Little did he know that dear, sweet Georgina is the one that got him kicked out! She decided, in all her wisdom, that WE were the problem guests. We didn’t sit there miserably and quietly. We joked with her and talked to her and assured her that we’d tip her well because this was her second job and she worked so hard and yadda yadda yadda. We were uber friendly, and THERE was our big mistake!

We were too outgoing. Too jovial. Too friendly. And, as the “manager” so kindly reminded my husband, THIS IS A FAMILY RESTAURANT! Um… what?? This private Super Bowl Party was a strictly 19+ affair. Were there children here? Would they be scarred by the spectacle my husband made of himself by sitting there, unaffected by having a drink thrown on him? Were they offended by the insults and profanity that were NOT thrown out at our table? Yes, our innocuous behaviour might be too hard for youngsters to understand…

My husband was compliant, as he always is, but I was livid. He was calmly trying to tell the Boston Pizza guys that he’d be happy to pay his bill, that nothing had happened but he would leave peacefully. I grabbed him by the arm and said “just stop! They don’t care! They don’t care what really happened.” and I pulled him out of there.

I’m spitting mad. We don’t go out often, and when we do, it’s at great cost – we do NOT want any trouble!! So to have this happen is upsetting. We were so thrilled to win our way into this Rock 101 party. We were excited to be able to bring our friends and show them a good time. Instead we got railroaded, and ejected for absolutely no reason.

We’ve been at plenty of radio station parties and never had any issues. We were at Jack’s Super Bowl party just last year and had NO problems. In fact, we got treated VERY well at that party. I want to stress that these issues had nothing to do with Rock 101, and they were not at all aware of the situation. But this experience certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth, which is unfortunate because I’ve always been a big fan of BP.

$175 plus tip. SMH.

I missed the game. I missed the commercials. I missed the draws.

Mea Culpa. Should’ve gone to the Jack party.

I won’t make that mistake again…