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Next week, Feb 22-26

Posted on Feb 20, 2016

Rumour has it that Jack is starting a new game on Monday – how exciting!! It’ll be some kind of Name That Tune type of game, and it’ll be played 3 times per day. It’s not up on their site yet, so details are scant. I guess we’ll hear more on Monday morning!

The Peak continues for one more week with Artist of the Day. When you hear the artist, text “WIN” followed by your full name to 88000 before the song ends. At the end of the song they will call back one entrant and give them $1000. Nice! I wonder how many texts they get each time?

QMFM hasn’t announced a new contest yet. Maybe next week? I’m waiting to hear Beat the Bank any day now. While we wait, you can win your way into the Art Gallery’s after hours shmooze on March 9th. There will be wine, appies, and Nat and Drew too. Fun! Win your way in by entering HERE.

Virgin will be giving away more trips to Barbados until mid-March. I like this contest because there are lots of chances to get into the draw, the odds of winning are pretty good, and they are taking a lot of people! I hope you win – you’ll have a great time!!!

CFOX is still giving away those trips to Mexico every Monday. This contest is only half way over. I enjoy tuning into it, and often forget that I have it on and start rocking out to the tunes. LOL! I think that was their plan all along. Clever!

ONE, TWO, THREE! JRFM is inviting friends to a private screening! But only ONE friend, and they can bring ONE friend. They will be watching Oscar-nominated movies in the private JRFM Lounge on Saturday, complete with snacks and beverages, pee-breaks and commentary. What a great way to spend a Saturday!!! So ONE winner, TWO guests, to watch THREE movies. There seems to be an entry form HERE, so I’m assuming that’s how you win your way in. Good luck!

Rock 101 has inflated their prizes! Instead of ONE Jeep, they’re now giving away TWO Jeeps! If you are the lucky caller 10, you will get to choose – do you want the bribe or do you want to go into the draw for the Jeep? Last year when they played this, they offered the caller some money. They started low, and sometimes it went up and sometimes it didn’t. Often it wasn’t more than $200 – if the caller turned it down, they put them in the draw automatically. And one time the person insisted they wanted into the draw and Willy said “oh, too bad – we were going to offer you $5000!” I much prefer CFOX’s way of playing – with an envelope. Anyway, if you get into the draw, you have to tell them right away who you would give the second Jeep to (no, you don’t get to keep both!) It can be a person or an organization, but you can’t keep it for yourself (though it doesn’t say if the other person can be your spouse…)

Last but never least, my favourite: ZFX. Yes, yes, I know, you HATE that game. But I LOVE that game. Love, love, LOVE! It’s vexing and challenging and it keeps me on the edge of my sanity (you thought I was going to say “seat” didn’t you?!) It drives me around the bend and back again, but that’s why I love it. They are already playing the first sound on air. It’s not up on the site yet, but when it is you will find it HERE, where you can listen to it over and over (and over and over and over!!!)

So rest up! It’s going to be an exciting week (at least for me!)