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Previous ZFX Answers

Posted on Feb 21, 2016

Here is an incomplete list of previous ZFX answers. These are the ones that I can remember. If you can think of other ones, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

*** if it’s on this list, please do not guess it again!!! ***



  • dog drinking water out of a dog bowl
  • slicing an onion (around $40,000, can’t remember exactly)
  • pneumatic socket wrench
  • vacuum cleaner cord retracting ($12,000 won by ME!)
  • pouring chips into a bowl
  • opening a chocolate bar and breaking off a piece
  • a folding chair closing
  • electric can opener
  • pencil sharpener
  • pulling out duct tape
  • zap strap
  • coin coming out of a dispenser
  • bicycle pump
  • cranking up an outdoor umbrella
  • golf ball washer
  • breaking apart lettuce with your hands
  • shucking corn
  • screwing in a gas cap
  • opening an ironing board
  • cracking ice out of an ice cube tray
  • briefcase (opening or closing, I can’t remember which)
  • pulling the tab on a 4 litre milk jug’s cap
  • pulling back a shower curtain
  • the ping from the propane tank on a bbq being turned on
  • coconut rolling
  • tennis ball can opening
  • screwing in a lightbulb
  • car e-brake
  • measuring tape opening
  • push lawnmower
  • paint roller
  • fastening seatbelt
  • metranome
  • taking out/putting in pots and pans into a cupboard
  • shucking an oyster
  • pulling a plastic bag off the roll at a grocery store and ripping it off
  • scraping a bbq grill
  • diving board
  • spray bottle
  • soccer ball hitting a goal post
  • toaster popping up
  • electronic garage door opening mechanism opening a door
  • putting a ski boot into the ski’s binding
  • unscrewing a jar lid
  • putting a pod into a Keurig coffee machine
  • pulling on a seatbelt
  • an air hockey puck dropping into the goal
  • lint roller
  • pushing over hangars on a rack
  • pulling up the handle on a suitcase with wheels
  • undoing the back of a baseball cap
  • Closing a Ziploc bag
  • bicycle kickstand (opening or closing, can’t remember)
  • handcuffs
    lacing up ice skates
    peeling a banana
    Rubik’s cube
    mousetrap springing
    squeezing garlic through a garlic press
    pulling a can of pop out of a box
    screwing on the cap of a Swell water bottle
  • dumping cranberry sauce out of a can
  • Carving a pumpkin
  • stapler
  • pulling dental floss out of the container
  • winding up a camera
  • ripping off a piece of paper towel
  • pulling off a rubber glove ($53,750)
  • slicing an apple
  • biting an ice cream cone
  • flipping up the sun visor in your car (moving it from the side window to the front, locking it in and flipping it up)


shaking a bottle of nail polish
snapping a glo stick
opening a milk carton
pulling the seal off a can of Pringles
opening spout of a milk carton
closing a metal Spiderman lunch box
opening a bag of microwave popcorn
opening a metal can with a tab (like cat food)
tearing open a bandaid package and pulling out the bandaid
closing a dog crate