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Puppy Progress

Posted on Feb 27, 2016

Here is a post for those of you asking about the puppies. Thank you so much for asking!!!


Well, here we are, almost 11 weeks later. These puppies have grown into beautiful big dogs, each with their own special personalities. They need more love than I can give them!

Please, if you know of anyone who needs unconditional love, have them contact me at We have put so much into these puppies – their shots, good food, love, attention, not to mention the training (all are toilet trained now) – they are now $1500 each. But that’s a STEAL, and I would happily take payments if I knew the puppy was going to a GOOD HOME. So let’s talk!

For all the updated photos, go check out NaturalK9Diet’s Instagram or Facebook page.

IMG_2624  IMG_2613

Sorry about the crappy picture quality. Momma gets all anxious when we get too close! LOL! Here is a picture of them at about 32 hours old, Feb 15th. Little black sausages.


Here’s a picture of them at 6 days old, Feb 20th. Small bits of colouring, eyes still closed. Can’t walk but can army-crawl

. IMG_2057

Here they are at 13 days old, Feb 27th. Colours coming in nicely. Eyes still closed. Practicing walking (omg, it’s SO funny!!

) IMG_2165