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Super Bowl, Barbados, and ZFX

Posted on Feb 7, 2016

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Do you care? Will you be watching the Felines and the Geldings play keep-away?? I will, if only for the commercials. But I’ll be watching it on one of the biggest curved screens in Canada, in a restaurant owned by Jim Treliving! WOOT! I wonder if Jim will be there… probably not…

But you know who’s going to be there? Kim and Alece and Willy. And probably He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. And maybe you too? I’m looking forward to it, but I have a feeling it can’t beat the Jack party at River Rock. Jack is actually feeding their guests – probably for insurance reasons, so people don’t get too drunk on an empty stomach. At the Rock 101 party, your first drink is free. Then you’re on your own (at least, they haven’t SAID they’re feeding us, so probably they’re not).

So if you don’t have plans, buy your tickets for the River Rock party – tickets are only $28, and I’m sure you can eat that back in chicken wings and appies. Plus TJ and Kiah will be there, and you could win the lounge chairs! Even if you don’t win anything, this is a guaranteed good time. I can’t make the same guarantee with the Boston Pizza party. I’ll let you know how it was. I’ll live tweet it! 😀

Starting next week, Virgin is giving away trips to Barbados – it’s Breakfast in Barbados! The Rules and Regs say the contest starts on Monday morning at 8:10. As Monday is a holiday, this may or may not be true. As proven before, Virgin is not so great with contest dates. If it starts Monday and there are 25 trips to be given away, that means it will end on March 11th and the last trip is given away March 14th. Sounds right. So listen tomorrow morning – as it’s a holiday, you might have a better chance of getting through.

Interestingly, Virgin has included THIS in their Rules and Regs:

“A winner of a previous Bell Media Radio Vancouver contest within the thirty (30) days preceding the start of this Contest (including persons designated by such winners to take ownership of prizes) and
persons domiciled with a winner are not eligible to enter.”

So if you have won ANYTHING, even concert tickets, from ANY Bell station (QMFM, TSN, Virgin) in the past 30 days, you can’t enter. Huh. That sucks!

The trip takes place between April 9th and 17th, so if you can’t travel then, please don’t enter. If you CAN go, here’s what you need to do: listen for the cue to call at 10 minutes past every hour between 8 and 7 each weekday. Caller 25 will get their name in the draw. Every morning they will give away a trip to one of the people that qualified the day before – that means your odds of winning are 1 in 12. GREAT odds! And if you don’t win, you can qualify again and again. So set your timers for 8:10, 9:10, 10:10, etc. and get your name in there!

I won this trip last year and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our little family. We would never in a million years have been able to afford such a trip, and our kids are still talking about it. They love looking at our vacation photos – they had such a great time! They would love to go again, but I told them I wasn’t going to try this time. Mainly because I know they won’t draw my name again (are these things TRULY random?? I’m not so sure…) Also because we’ve already been to Barbados – I’d rather save the win for a different trip.

And honestly, I’d rather go on a trip with a different morning show. The Virgin peeps didn’t really mingle with the folks they took on the trip. When I saw all the pictures Nat and Drew posted of THEIR recent trip, I was SOOOOO jealous!! They took dance lessons and hung out with their guests. And the Jack crew and their guests are practically like FAMILY now, with reunions and all! Sheesh. THOSE are the types of trips I want to go on – where the hosts actually hang out with you and treat you like an equal…

There’s a rumour that my all-time favourite game ZFX is coming back on Feb 22nd! OMG I’m so excited!!! There have been some games that have come VERY close to being equally as fun (Bad Santa, Red Solo Cup, Mystery Laughs), but for me this one is tops. I know some of you can’t stand this game, but I love the challenge of it. So I will be playing along and keeping track of guesses, as always. I am glad that Zed also lists the guesses on their site, and has the sound available to play a thousand times! I will have a more detailed list though, with names and repeat guesses. Because I’m a geek like that. 😀

Meanwhile, Zed will be taking us along on their blind journey. Follow along with #ZBlindDate and see which bachelor the inimitable and charming bachelorette ends up with. They’ve kept her name a secret so the guys can’t google her. She sounds like a riot – confident, adventurous, maybe a little dangerous… If you missed the interview with her, go listen HERE. And also go there to have a say in who she goes on the road trip with – we get to vote and choose the 4 guys! Fun! I’ll be listening to this one for pure entertainment – this bachelorette is a real pistol!!

I won’t be putting up a schedule for tomorrow, so see you Tuesday! It’s a Pro D Day for us that day so we might hit the mountains, but I’ll still be listening!