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Welp + Help = Whelp

Posted on Feb 12, 2016

Have you ever bitten off more than you can chew?

Silly question. I’m sure you have. We ALL have! Taken on a job we didn’t know how to do, signed up for an adventure we were uncertain of, said yes to a date we knew would go nowhere. Almost always it’s a mistake, but sometimes it turns out okay, and it’s certainly a learning opportunity EVERY time!

Welp! We’ve bitten off more than we can chew. And when I say “WE” I really mean “he”. As in, my fun-loving and adventurous husband.

He decided it would be an awesome life lesson for our kids to see puppies being born, so he got our dog pregnant!

Hyaaaahahahaha! 😆 That came out wrong: HE didn’t get her pregnant, he had our other dog do it.

We have a gorgeous 7 year old male shepherd and our female is 2.5 years old. The male was not fixed because he’d make beautiful babies – FOR SOMEONE ELSE! The female wasn’t fixed because my husband was waiting to see if he might want to breed her. As she matured, he thought yeah, these two would make beautiful babies. No doubt – look at these two beauties!!




I told him right off the bat that I was NOT interested in breeding the dogs, that I had enough on my plate – running the house, raising my own kids, and tripping over 2 dogs along the way was already wearing on my nerves. I had just gotten to the stage in our family life where both kids are in school and I finally have 5 minutes to myself each day – I did NOT want to have to deal with puppies!

I hoped beyond hope that they would NOT figure out how to hook up, and that even if they DID, it wouldn’t take.

Welp! They figured it out. Did you know that they start out doggy-style but end up looking like a two-headed beast? Oooooh, that song “monster with two heads” makes so much sense now! 😏




And now she’s pregnant. Not only is she pregnant, she’s carrying 10 puppies. Yes, you read that right – TEN. 😳😳

Help! We are about to get schooled the old fashioned way – via experience! Both feet in, walking the tightrope without a net, blind leading the blind. Not only do we have to monitor the birthing process, there are calcium supplements, weaning, etc etc. Good grief! Luckily hubby has friends with plenty of experience who will be guiding him through it all.

So what do you do when you life throws you into the pit? You put on your helmet and barrel through it, because we’re in this together and we’ll have to figure it out. What’s the alternative?! Just buck up and deal with it.

And then get that little bitch fixed, because it’s never happening again!!!

Meanwhile, hubby has built a whelping box. In my kitchen. Where my desk used to be. *sigh* 😕 She is getting used to it, going in and out on her own. Daddy dog is not allowed in, of course. The blankets and towels will smell like Mommy dog when the time comes.

Which is SOON!! She is due any day now. So we have two months to find homes for ten pure bred shepherds. These dogs could sell for well over $1000 (we paid more than that for each of our dogs!) but in the end, all that matters is that they go to a loving home. Anyone wanting one of these puppies will be thoroughly investigated – I’m an amateur sleuth and will not let these puppies go to just anyone!

If you or someone you know might be interested in buying one, please contact me. And if you (and your kids?) want to start the bonding process as soon as they’re born, you can come take a turn at caring for them. 😉

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