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ZFX Regret

Posted on Feb 26, 2016

I heard Ruby use the term “ZFX regret” during the 8am play on Friday. That term echoed in my brain all morning. What could it mean?!

Would you have ZFX regret if you called and didn’t even get a ring? Probably not. You only lost 3 minutes of your time. You will try again if it’s convenient for you.

Would you have ZFX regret if you called, got through, but weren’t the right caller? Probably not. You maybe wasted 4 minutes of your day. You will definitely try again because getting through got your adrenaline rushing and you need to feel that rush again!

Would you have ZFX regret if you called, got through, were lucky caller 9, and your guess was wrong? Absolutely not! You got to cross one off of your list of possible answers! Not only that, you also helped others – they can cross it off their list too (thank you!) or search for another answer if that was going to be their guess. You will try again, but you know the odds are against it – few people have gotten to guess more than once! By accident or by design, you will rarely hear the same person playing the same ZFX sound. Although it’s not impossible (Leonda played twice just this week!), it is certainly against the odds. You may feel some residual ZFX regret once you realize that you may have blown your one chance.

Would you have ZFX regret if you called, got through, were lucky caller 9, and you repeated a guess that was on the list but you hadn’t checked the list? Most certainly!! Every ZFX aficionado is rolling their eyes and screaming at their radio. They are tweeting nasty comments, posting on the ZFX page, commenting on the Zed app. If you make this mistake, stay off social media for the day (unless you feel like you deserve the ridicule.) Just so you know, I personally will NOT ridicule you, but I will almost certainly shake my head in sadness as I write down your name and your guess. Meanwhile, inside, I will be doing a small happy dance because that means I still have a chance.

Granted, the ZFX page on Z95.3’s website isn’t always up to date, especially after the 5pm play – I think their webmaster must go home before 5 and doesn’t come back before the 8am play. Having some experience with websites, I am certain that after 5 minutes of instruction, every DJ (host) at the station would be able to update that list. Maybe the webmaster is protecting their job by making themselves indispensable. Haha!

But I’m here to help. Please, for the love of ZFX, check the list HERE to make sure you are not guessing something that’s already been guessed!!! My list is updated immediately after the play, or if I’m out, it’s updated before I go to bed. If I’ve forgotten to update it, I’m probably dead. Yes, it’s THAT important to me.

And once you’ve read THAT list, go check THIS list to make sure you aren’t guessing a previous ZFX answer – they aren’t going to use the same ZFX twice! The biggest ZFX regret that you can experience is if you guess something that was the correct answer during a different ZFX season! I may not be able to contain my contempt if you guess “vacuum cleaner cord retracting” or “slicing an onion”!!

Please. Avoid ZFX regret.

This public service announcement has been brought to you by the biggest ZFX fan alive.

May the ZFX gods smile upon you. 😀