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Anal (ysis)

Posted on Mar 5, 2016

It occurs to me that people that are ANAL may be described that way simply because they are over-ANALytical! I am totally anal…

And that’s why I’m now going to over-analyze the #ZFX953.

Let’s look at some stats from previous ZFX and see if we can come up with something.

The following previous ZFX were things that you would/could hear at your home (inside and out):

  • dog drinking water out of a dog bowl
  • slicing an onion
  • vacuum cleaner cord retracting
  • pouring chips into a bowl
  • opening a chocolate bar and breaking off a piece
  • a folding chair closing
  • electric can opener
  • pencil sharpener
  • cranking up an outdoor umbrella
  • breaking apart lettuce with your hands
  • shucking corn
  • opening an ironing board
  • cracking ice out of an ice cube tray
  • briefcase (opening or closing, I can’t remember which)
  • pulling the tab on a 4 litre milk jug’s cap
  • pulling back a shower curtain
  • the ping from the propane tank on a bbq being turned on
  • screwing in a lightbulb
  • push lawnmower
  • paint roller
  • metranome
  • taking out/putting in pots and pans into a cupboard
  • spritzing a spray bottle
  • toaster

These sounds you might hear in/around your yard or garage:

  • pneumatic socket wrench
  • pulling out duct tape
  • zap strap
  • bicycle pump
  • measuring tape opening

These are sounds that you would hear in/around your car:

  • fastening seatbelt
  • car e-brake
  • screwing in a gas cap

These sounds you would hear elsewhere:

  • golf ball washer
  • tennis ball can opening
  • coin coming out of a dispenser
  • diving board
  • soccer ball hitting a goal post
  • pulling a plastic bag off the roll at the grocery store and ripping it off

And my favourite category, WTF:

  • coconut rolling

Of all of these, how many might you hear around your office? Maybe the folding chair, the briefcase, the pencil sharpener. Maybe even the can opener, if you work in an office with a kitchen. But overall, there haven’t been many (any?) strictly office sounds. No fax, hole puncher, date stamper. Not even a stapler!

There have been four sports-related ones, and I never in a million years would have gotten “ball washer” because I’ve never used one, or “soccer ball hitting a goal post” because I’ve never played soccer. I should’ve gotten that diving board one, there’s no excuse for not recognizing that one. *GLEEP* I also haven’t done much in the way of sports – I’m a gym rat – so if it’s sports-related, I’m out. But if it’s a gym or bowling alley or pool table or swimming or skating sound, I’d probably know it. I am also a fan of fishing, so those sounds are also familiar to me. Saunas, yup. Drinking, yup. But “sports”? Nope.

There haven’t been any “career” sounds – dentist’s drill, credit card machine, cash register, filing cabinet. There also haven’t been any “student specific” sounds – lockers, backpacks, lunch bags, beakers, etc. – though that pencil-sharpening one was close. Library sounds? No. Casino sounds? No. There is always a first for everything so I’m not ruling them out entirely, but the stats make it unlikely.

The addition of the most recent ZFX only adds fuel to the fire – it’s probably something household, and certainly something you’ve heard before.