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Thursday Throes

Posted on Mar 24, 2016

Thursdays aren’t usually the worst day of the week. In fact, it’s probably one of the favoured days – it’s pre-Friday. Friday Eve, if you will. But today… today… the throes of this Thursday have me suffering something fierce!

Firstly, the day started off with hearing that Jody Vance is no longer at Breakfast Television. I heard via Twitter, where BT tweeted a video message:




Jody was the only reason I watched that show. She is incredibly relatable – intelligent, clever, thoughtful, humble – a person everyone wants to invite to their party! I hope, hope, HOPE she left on her own terms, that it was HER decision to leave and that she is doing what is best for her and her family. I know she has a young son and she probably hasn’t gotten to walk him to school since the day he started – that’s a big chunk of bonding time that she was missing out on. I’m sure her son is thrilled to have her making his breakfast every morning – lucky little dude!

This is just the latest blow from the Rogers team. It was just this week that I found out Phil and Aaron were let go, and Big Ginger left to host his own show. The biggest blow was losing Tammy Moyer to cancer!

Haven’t we been beat down enough, Rogers?! The only sweet Canadian Rogers thing left is Roger’s Sugar! Kiss is just sour, and Jack is doing its best to tread water to keep from sinking. What the hell is going on over there?! I hope the brass are shaking in their boots…

The second thing that has me pained is today’s Canucks ticket giveaway. Just before 1pm Jugo Juice tweeted that there would be a pair of free tickets given away at BC’s largest mall. Those who know which mall that is had an hour to get there and wait for the tickets to be given away with a @VanCanucks tweet.



At 2:05, @VanCanucks tweeted:


Now, I don’t know what the protocol is for this – do they just show up at Jugo Juice and give the tickets to whoever is already there waiting? Do they have to send the tweet out FIRST, and then people are allowed to ask for them? If there are already people standing there waiting for the tickets, why would they even send out the tweet if they’ve already given away the tickets?? Some unsuspecting hopefuls would rush there thinking they could possibly win the tickets, only to find that the tickets were already spoken for before the tweet even went out! WHAT IS THE POINT OF TWEETING IT AT ALL?!

This really pisses me off. It’s totally unfair to people who have gone out of their way to get to the Jugo Juice. One person waited 40 minutes and watched them taking the picture. Six seconds after the location tweet was sent out, they approached the promo people. They were told “sorry, we already have a winner.” HUH?? Who? It’s been SIX SECONDS since the location tweet was sent out!

When the Canucks promo person showed up to take a picture of the Jugo Juice, they had someone with them. Apparently THAT person won the tickets. WHAAAAAT?? They spoke for a good long time before and after the tweet was sent – did they know each other already? If the tickets were already given to this other person, why would a tweet be sent out saying “first person here wins!”

I call BULLSHIT! If you’re going to run a contest and ask people to go out of their way, then run it fairly. Don’t give the tickets away before the tweet is sent out. Don’t send out the tweet when there is someone standing beside you who has already won them. That is shitty!

Maybe @VanCanucks need a new, honest and fair promo person. I think the Canucks are also suffering enough image blows…