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ZFX Makes Me Sick!

Posted on Mar 8, 2016

I’m sick, and I’m blaming ZFX!

Does this happen to you? You work like a dog and plough through every sniffle that threatens to slow you down, and as soon as you go on vacation BAM! you are down for the count. There’s a name for that phenomenon – it’s called Leisure sickness. Leisure sickness is when you get ill as soon as your regular stressors are gone.

You know what my regular stressor is? ZFX! For the past two weeks I’ve been staving off an illness that has seen my daughter miss 2 days of school and a special swimming party. One night I got 4 hours of sleep because she had what I thought was an earache but was actually a headache (she’d never had one so she didn’t know what it was!) The 5 year old has had a cough for a week, and even hubby was down with a “man cold” one evening.

Oh sure, my throat’s been sore for a few days, I’ve had aches and pains, a mild fever, and some sneezing for the past week. But that hasn’t stopped me – I’ve been powering through. I’ve had a ZFX to solve! This has kept me up at night, had me getting my chores done quickly so I could spend some time listening and over-analyzing it, and has kept me on edge for 2 weeks.

Twenty minutes after the ZFX was solved, I fell off the edge. I was standing in IGA with the kids and BAM! I got achy and weak and I needed to get home pronto! The stress of that ZFX over the past two weeks has kept me going, batting away the illness that was knocking at my fortress. But once that stressor was gone, my shoulders slumped and the fortress crumbled. I felt drained, and yes, vulnerable.

BAM! In rushed those germs through the open gates, and in one fell swoop I was taken down! I have a chest cough, phlegm, aches, weakness, earache. Maybe a bit of cry-baby-itis too. Those little germies have been growing as they picnicked outside my fortress, lying in wait for the slightest weakening of the guard. So while ZFX held off the illness, the sickness came back with a vengeance and is probably twice as bad as it would’ve been.

ZFX is a two-edged sword: it breathes life into me and it can knock me down. But the wonderful thing is that even though I’m down, I’m not down for long – there’s a new ZFX up and I’m already feeling better! I just needed some post-ZFX downtime. I’ll be fine by tomorrow!