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Friday April 8th

Posted on Apr 8, 2016

The personal bit:

We have cable again!! *happy dance* The android box definitely has it’s plus side, but there’s nothing like regular cable. The picture is clear, there’s a schedule, it’s reliable. Whew, what a relief! We are still using the android box though – we can watch all the new movies on it plus hubby can get any Columbo, any time. 😀

Stuff that happened:

ZFX was not solved. Lots of good guesses though! Interesting, very specific guesses. I have a guess and will be trying to get through today. I tried twice on Thursday but no luck.

The 11am stuff is increasingly hard for me to catch. My brain can only take in so much information, then it shuts down. Like today I was listening for the Beat Your Bills name and of course Jack is about to say the Win at Work name at the same time. So I scribble the BYB name down, flip to Jack, and scribble THAT name down. But I can’t write fast enough so even though Laurie always says the full name and their location and where they work, I always miss something. Sometimes I miss the last name but I catch the workplace, sometimes I miss the location or the workplace if the last name is too long. My brain can’t absorb it fast enough and my hand can’t write fast enough. I have to start using that Jack app – the delay would be really useful in that instance! Hah!

Also, if you happen to catch it, I’d sure appreciate the backup…


There’s another month of $1000 Fridays on Virgin. Chris Palliser will announce another winner at 12:25. Did you submit a photo yet? Go do it HERE.

It’s Beer Club Friday at The Peak! Listen in at 5:30 to win a prize pack from Stanley Park Brewing.

It’s also Lotto Max Friday, so come look for our ticket on FB around noonish.

Links you may need:

Beat Your Bills names: HERE

Jack’s Win at Work names are HERE.

CFOX’s Payroll names are HERE.

ZFX guesses are HERE.

Beat the Bank jackpots HERE.


5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word (JRFM Prize Pack)

6-10 – CFOX, passes to Pemberton Fest

6-10 –  QMFM, tickets to Duran Duran

6:30 – CFOX, Stump the Show (tix to Guns ‘n’ Roses in Seattle)

7-9 – JRFM, Secret Word is said (Gone Country Here for the Cure tix)

7:00 – Jack, No Time To Google ($100)

7:05 – QMFM, Beat the Bank

7:10 – Peak, Perfect 10 (Miike Snow tix)

7:10 – Virgin, Beat Your Bills name

7:20 – LG, 1 Second Song ($1,000)

7:30 – Rock 101, Grand IQ Test

7:35 – Z95.3, Cash Quiz for up to $2000

7:50 – Jack, Duran Duran tickets

7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

8-8:30 – Jack, Win at Work Name

8:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

8:00 – Jack, Name Those Tunes

8:00 – Rock 101, Cheque or Cherokees

8:00 – CFOX, Payroll

8:05 – QMFM, Beat the Bank

8:10 – Virgin, Beat Your Bills name

8:10 – Peak, Not So Secret Word (tix to the Naked Magic Show at Vogue)

10-10:30 – Jack, Win at Work Name

10-2 – CKNW, Duran Duran tickets

10-3 – QMFM, tickets to Meatloaf

10-3 – CFOX,  90’s at Noon (tix to The Arcs)

11-11:30 – Jack, Win at Work Name

11:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

11:00 – Rock 101, Cheque or Cherokees

11:00 – CFOX, Payroll

11:05 – QMFM, Beat the Bank

11:10 -Virgin, Beat Your Bills name

12-1 – Rock 101, Rock Trivia (Duran Duran tickets)

12:00 – Jack, Name Those Tunes

2-2:30 – Jack, Win at Work Name

2-6 – CFOX, tickets to City and Colour

2-6 – Virgin, Pemberton Fest passes

2-6 – CFOX, Pemberton Fest passes

2:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

2:00 – Rock 101, Cheque or Cherokees

2:00 – CFOX, Payroll

3-7 – QMFM, tickets to Duran Duran

3-7 – Kiss, Monkido passes

3:10 -Virgin, Beat Your Bills name

3:30 – Peak, invites to see Twenty One Pilots in studio

4-5 – JRFM, U-Turn (tix to The Mavericks)

4:00 – Jack, Name Those Tunes

4:05 – QMFM, Beat the Bank

5:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

5:00 – Rock 101, Cheque or Cherokees

5:00 – CFOX, Payroll

5:30 – Peak, Stanley Park Brewing prize pack

6-10 – Virgin, Pemberton Fest passes

7-12 – CFOX, tickets to Sloan

7-12 – Rock 101, Iron Maiden tix

8:00 – Z95.3, tickets to Demi & Nick

As always, best of luck!