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Kiss Off!

Posted on Apr 1, 2016

Alright. I’m done. I can’t take it anymore.

I have given Kiss chance after chance, looked for the best in them, supported their causes, engaged with them, tried to lift them up. And what do I get for that? A smack-down. That’s it, we’re through. 😐

It started with all the changes – Chelsea, Randi, Kid. They changed the people, they changed the name. Then they fired their promo crew. Smh. 😒

This latest contest was the last straw. They promised to play two Bieber songs back-to-back, but because they were separated by a bout of commercials, it didn’t count. But because I can’t stand to listen to that station (there, I SAID IT!) I was watching the playlist online. It showed one Bieber song, so I kept an eye on it while I did other things, and then it showed another one playing. So I turned to their station and waited for the song to end, then texted in the word CASH to 10456. They hadn’t played the cue to text, but I wasn’t taking a chance at missing it.

When the next song was over and they came on and spoke about the songs still coming up before 9, I went back and looked at the Recently Played list. But, they HAD played two back-to-back Bieber songs. It says so right HERE!


Under Section 8 of the Rules it states:

(a) Listen for the cue to text the word “cash” to 10456. The cue to text will occur directly
following the on-air play of two complete Justin Bieber songs, one after the other. The
two songs must be played in their entirety. The qualifying text will be considered the
104th text to be received directly following the “Cue to text”. In the event there are not 104
text messages with the word “cash” sent to 10456, the last text message in the cue after
3 minutes will be considered the qualified text.

It doesn’t say that the songs can’t be interrupted by commercials, but that’s the tricky part – it doesn’t say anything about interruptions! So because the playlist doesn’t show anything else, I assumed the commercials didn’t count. Well, there was my mistake. Never, EVER assume anything.

*Edited to add* It’s come to my attention that the last time the back-to-backs were played was during Ara’s show on the night JB was in town, and Ara said ON AIR to be “listening carefully” because commercials DIDN’T count. So which is it Kiss – do they count or do they not count??  Aaah never mind, I don’t give a shit anymore. 😏

Kiss doesn’t give a rat’s ass. They don’t want people that aren’t loyal listeners to play their contests. So why have contests? To entice listeners? To engage the public? Get attention? What IS the point of your contests, exactly? If you only want to reward your LOYAL listeners, just throw them all a big party or send them a cheque. You KNOW who they all are – they’re the same people you retweet every week, the ones who comment on your Facebook posts, the ones who call the station to talk to you regularly. But the rest of us? We are persona non grata at your station.

I understand. It’s a private club, only the coolest kids can get in. No problem. But then, how do you grow?

I’ve no idea what kind of clowns are running the show over there, but they need to give their heads a good shake. It would serve them right to have that station completely deleted, or at the very least an entire format change and a whole new challenging ladder to climb. But when you start at the bottom, the only way to go is UP! 😉