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Posted on Apr 21, 2016

For the first time EVER, I’m inspired to write about clothes. I am not a fashionista in ANY sense of the word. In fact, you could say I’m the opposite – a fasionisn’t is closer to the truth. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not at the “comfortable shoes” stage quite yet – I love, love, LOVE my skinny jeans, t-shirts, and Converse All-Stars. But if I try to pull off some heels and a dress, I may as well be pretending I’m JLo – it’s about as believable!

So imagine my surprise when my littlest one proves to have a flair for fashion and very discerning tastes. Gulp! I can’t afford to go around buying expensive, fancy clothes for him! I shop at the thrift store! Luckily he has been satisfied with hand-me-downs from his sister and thrift shop gems that he’s carefully picked out. And shoes! Good grief, he loves shoes! Sandals, strappy things, high heels, bling. The more impractical, the more desirable.

When we were given the opportunity to try out a clothing line called Peekaboo, I was sure that little one would be thrilled! I showed him the catalogue and we carefully went through all the clothes. In typical diva fashion, he looked bored as we clicked on clothes. They were not flashy clothes with sequins and bows as he would normally like, but they were subtly pretty. They were Jennifer Aniston instead of Mariah Carey.

His eyes finally lit up when he saw a skirt – a tutu, really – but it only came in gray. This seemed to satisfy him, so we ordered it. There were a few other items he liked – the pony-print leggings with the matching tank top was a big hit – but we settled on the skirt (tutu!) A few days later it was delivered to our door. He opened it, looked at it, and promptly shoved it in his drawer.

Huh. Well, that went well. He was leaving for a road trip and decided that he would NOT be taking the new skirt. I let it go. When he returned from the road trip, there was one more pro D day before school started again. When he got dressed that morning,  he put on the skirt. He wore it ALL day. He played in it HARD! Here he is on the trampoline:


The next day was hot and he went to school in leggings. Too hot. So the day after that, he was looking for his skirt. It was in the laundry, waiting to be washed. I dug it out, gave it a shake, and decided it would do for one more day. He wore it happily. Here he is heading to school:


That night after he’d gone to bed, I took a good look at the skirt (I’d had to wrestle him out of it – he wanted to sleep in it!) It was REALLY well made! It had shorts attached to it. The stitching was impressive. There were no scritchy labels on the waist. It had a lovely ribbon with which to tighten it. It’s probably the nicest piece of clothing he owns!

Well-made, local, and cute. Just like him. Sometimes flash is just a distraction, right Mariah?

And wouldn’t you know it: Jennifer Aniston was just named the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” by People Magazine. Huh!

To order your OWN Jennifer Aniston, check out the Peekaboo catalogue HERE. If you have any questions, message Sherry on her Facebook page HERE.