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Hell’s Bells

Posted on May 16, 2016

Those Hell’s Bells are ringing, and they are making a devil outta me!!

Firstly, Virgin:

They were giving away Playland tickets at 8:30. I was on alert because my kids LOVE Playland but I can’t afford to take them. As soon as Jonny said “call me now”, I started dialling. After two redials, it started to ring. Now, we KNOW how fast we can redial – there is no way I should’ve been any higher than caller 10, maybe caller 12 at the most. But it rang and rang and rang, and when I heard them talking to the winner on air, that’s when I hung up.

Yes, yes, they’ll give you some bullshit about an “overflow line”, but personally I think that’s a lot of bunk. I will believe it when they prove it. As long as calls are answered OFF AIR, they can’t prove a thing! They can’t prove or DISprove the “overflow line”. Maybe the person who usually answers the phones was away today and Jonny couldn’t handle the lines alone. 99% of the time, if I get a ring, it is answered. “You’re caller 12, call back!” or “sorry, you’re caller 23!” I love that, because then I KNOW they are not jerking us around.

Speaking of jerking us around…

QMFM: on Friday they said to wait until the second Adele song was over before calling in to win the tickets. And then what happens? They start taking callers as soon as the second song BEGINS! I know this because as soon as the second song ended, they went to caller 25. They MUST have answered the calls during the second song. I was sitting there listening for the second song to end like an obedient little minion, but they already had their winner. Piss me off! Maybe they need to inform ALL hosts of the rules before they start promoting the contest on their show.

The official rules and regs are careful to not say either way – it just says listen for the “entry mechanism”. Ridiculous. Do you call as soon as the second song starts or do you wait until it is over? Just speak in normal, layman’s terms. Who do you think is reading your rules and regs?? Lawyers? Sheesh! We’re not idiots but we also can’t read minds…

Do they have a knew promo head over at Bell? Is Ashly Kissman away?? She hasn’t posted a tweet since April – did she get fired? She must not be there – she would NEVER tell people to “lick here for complete contest rules & regulations” as the PNE contest states! I was already annoyed with Bell – back in February they updated the rules (again!) to say that you can’t win on ANY Bell station for 30 days if you win something from them. So you can’t play Beat The Bank on QMFM and then go win concert tickets on Virgin. Because you can only be a fan of ONE of their stations, apparently.

Humph. Hell’s Bells…