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Lessons Learned

Posted on May 18, 2016

I’m seething right now and it’s my own damned fault!

Back on February 23rd I won tickets to Monkido on Facebook from Kiss. Or so I thought.

Ara posted a picture of himself at Monkido, and said the person with the best wild adventure story would win passes in celebration of opening weekend. So I commented with a story, and he replied “OMG! Call me!” So I did. I told him the story again, and he said “I’ll call you if you win”. He aired our conversation, and about 15 minutes later he called to say I won the passes. I was overjoyed! Ridiculous, I know, as the passes are only worth about $50, but we’ve always wanted to try the place out and now we could. And I love Ara, so it was really fun to talk to him.

I told my family¬†that I won the tickets, and my kids and I checked out the Monkido site. We watched the video of Ara on the course over and over. We were jumping with excitement! I told all the friends I ran into that week about the Monkido thing. A week or two later I stopped in at the station to pick up the tickets. They didn’t have any record of them but the receptionist said they probably just hadn’t come down the pipe yet. She would call me when they arrived.

It’s been almost three months. I called this morning to ask if I could pick them up and they said they didn’t have anything for me. The promo person happened to be there and she looked at the winners’ list. she said that my name was not on the sheet for any of those days – neither February 23rd nor any other day that week. I insisted that I had most certainly won – I’m not an idiot, I don’t *think* I’ve won something simply because I was asked to share my story on air. He clearly said “I’ll call you if you win” and then he called me! We even laughed about why it’s not called “Monkey-Do” because that’s more fitting and he said “they called it MonKIdo”. She said she would go ask Ara and look into it.

Meanwhile, I spent an hour searching Facebook and my blog for any mention of Monkido passes. I found the post where I commented, but Facebook only keeps Notifications for the past two months – even if he had notified me via FB, there was no record. And because I didn’t want to blab about winning the tickets, I didn’t mention it on the blog. I mentioned the passes being up for grabs on Facebook, but I didn’t mention that I had won them.

Well, I must’ve texted someone when I won the tickets – that would be proof. Alas, my shitty phone storage prompts me to delete old texts and the oldest text I have on my phone is from March. I checked my emails – I hadn’t told anyone there either. DAMN IT! I had NO proof that I had won those tickets!

But wait! I HAD written it down somewhere! On the list where I write down all the things that I’ve won so I know I can’t win for 30 days! Well, that’s not exactly undeniable proof. It wouldn’t hold up in a court of law, but I’d bet Matlock could make it stick!


When my phone rang, I let it go to voicemail – if it was the promo girl¬†with an explanation, I wanted a record of it. No, it was the receptionist saying “about those tickets you *thought* you won”. I took a few minutes to calm down before returning her call – of course this was not HER fault so I shouldn’t take it out on her. When I called she said that they found the paper trail – they found the Facebook post where I commented and the reply from Ara, but that’s where it ends. They had someone else’s name on the winners’ list for every day that week. There was no proof that I won the tickets. I insisted that yes, I DID win the tickets, but I didn’t care to push it because really, it was only a $50 prize. The receptionist said she’d have the promo people call me back and I reluctantly agreed.

Nobody has called. I’m clearly not getting those tickets that I have been so excited about. It’s not a great concert or a trip or a car, so it’s almost silly to get so annoyed about it. But it’s the principle of the thing: if you tell me I won, then I want what I’m owed. You don’t get to change your mind!!

So here’s the take-away:

  • always keep a record when you win something.
  • if you enter something online, take a screen shot of it.
  • download the Rules & Regs for every contest.
  • take a screen shot of contest outlines.
  • ask for an email notification of your win.
  • if you are notified via Facebook, take a screen shot of it.
  • after you win something, email, Facebook or Tweet the station to say thank-you and keep a copy of it.
  • the onus of proof is on YOU. Be diligent!

Kiss. Figures…