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On-Line Entry Contests May 9-15

Posted on May 9, 2016

There are a ton of great off-air contests going on this week! Here’s an overview, plus links where applicable.


Log in HERE to enter to win $2500 to spend at La-Z-Boy Furniture! I have a couple of rooms that could sure use a make-over…

If you want to sing karaoke with Chad Brownlee at the Cloverdale Rodeo, submit a 30 second video of yourself doing karaoke HERE. The catch is that you have to sing with him ON THE FERRIS WHEEL! That’s where they lost me – I’m terrified of the ferris wheel!!! The prize includes Sunday passes to the fair including ride passes. Have fun!



Log in HERE to enter to win VIP passes to the Kinsmen’s Craft Beer Festival in Coquitlam on July 30th & 31st.

Enter via social media for a pair of Playland day passes, with someone winning a 2017 season’s pass at the end of the season. It’s simple: share a picture of you and your friends in Playland on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube. No Instagram listed, not sure if you can enter that way. Anyway, use #PEAKPlayland and make sure you tag Peak and Playland thus:


Twitter- @PNE_Playland



Also at Peak, enter HERE to win a $200 treatment at Urban Body Laser.



When you see the QMFM Community Crew around town, make sure to stop by and enter to win a Glamping Getaway with REO Rafting.

Enter HERE to win a 4 pack of passes to Telus World of Science.



I wonder if Nira’s annoyed that they spelled her name wrong on the Contests page for the “Nirs’s Night Out at Hastings Racecourse” contest? It’s right everywhere else except in the contest listings. #oops! Anyway, go enter HERE for a shot at winning a fun time at Hastings Racecourse! Limousine, food, drinks, and watching the July 17th race from the Sol Lounge – sounds FAB! I’ve never been to the Hastings Racecourse but it looks like it could be fun.

Enter HERE to win a 4 pack of passes to Telus World of Science.

Enter HERE to win wristbands for Bumbershoot in Seattle on the September long weekend.

If you see the Virgin Radio Street Squad around town, stop by, say hello, and enter to win that REO Rafting Glamping Getaway!

Enter HERE to win invites to the advance screening of the movie The Nice Guys on May 18th at International Village (I’m free if you need a date – this movie looks entertaining!)



The only way to enter for anything on Jack is to trade in your Jackaholics points. If you have points to spend, go log in HERE and trade in points to enter to win movie passes, or $100 voucher for Best Value Inn, or 4 passes to Capilano Suspension Bridge, or a VIP experience at Mission Raceway, or tickets to Hedley, or passes to Telus World of Science (which Jack is still calling Science World), or team entry for Hockey Night in Canada’s Play On tournament and festival in Pitt Meadows this summer.

The one thing you can enter without logging into Jackaholics is the Employee of the Week – they will bring Boston Pizza to you at work if you enter HERE. Maybe.



Nothing to see here…


Breakfast Television

Take a picture of yourself with a newspaper headline and submit it HERE to win tickets to the July 5th opening night of Disney’s Newsies at the Queen E Theatre. Cool!!

Enter HERE to win movie passes to Alice Through the Looking Glass. The tickets are for the advance screening but it doesn’t say when that will be…

Enter HERE to win passes to the advance screening of Neighbours 2 on May 18th at a mystery location (none listed!).

Enter HERE to win a garden makeover worth up to $5000 or a secondary prize of $100 from Miracle-Gro.



Enter HERE to win passes to Playland.

Enter HERE to win a skookum prize package for the Cloverdale Rodeo, including dinner and swag!

My secret crush Jeremy wants to buy you dinner at Fresh Slice Pizza! Enter HEREย and he might send you some pizza!

CFOX will bring lunch to your jobsite in their big-ass O’Neil-mobile, but I don’t think Jeff actually shows up. Enter HERE and maybe they’ll pop by with food, drinks, and a shot at $500.

Enter HERE to win passes to the advance screening of Neighbours 2 on May 18th at the new Cineplex theatre at Marine Drive and Cambie. I’d enter just to see the new theatre! But I hated the first Neighbours movie so probably I’ll skip this one…


Rock 101

Enter HERE to have lunch with Willy and the crew at the fancy shmancy Notch 8 at the Fairmont. Or a non-lunch, in Willy’s case – if he eats, he’ll fall asleep on the skytrain home and just end up going round and round the city till somebody nudges him for drooling on them. The next lunch is on Wednesday the 25th. I’m free that day, just FYI… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Log in HERE and enter to win tickets to the Burnaby Blues & Roots Festival in Deer Lake Park on August 6th. Colin James? Oh, YES please!!! Alas, I am out of town that month. Boo!

If you’re a smarty pants and want to play the Tough Guy Edition of the Grand IQ Test, sign up HERE and maybe they’ll call you at 7:50 on a Tuesday morning. Unfortunately that is the precise day and time that I am at my lowest IQ, so I will NOT be signing up… but good luck to YOU!



My little one was just saying how he’d love to see Hedley in concert, and VOILA! Zed to the rescue! Enter HERE to win a VIP experience, including a meet & greet and swag. EEK! I’ve already entered!!

Enter to win $100 to Subway and a one month pass to She’s Fit. I can’t put the link in because I logged in to enter the Hedley contest and now I can’t figure out how to log out! GLEEP! So go click on it through their contests page HERE. I do NOT want to enter for a gym membership! I’m TIRED!!! Okay, let’s be honest, I’m just lazy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Enter HERE to have Cruby bring coffee and tea to you and your workmates.


That’s all I’ve got for now. If anything else comes up I’ll let you know!