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Problems (I’d love to have!)

Posted on May 3, 2016

Problems… I don’t have enough of ’em!

I was just trying to get through for Beyonce. They played the song at 11. I got through after the first few songs and it rang for over 5 minutes. At about the 4 minute mark, I heard Nikki say “you’re caller 42” or something 40’s. So I waited. My line got cut off after about the 5:20 mark.

I redialled. I heard her telling caller 70-something to keep trying. I kept trying. Again it started to ring. The timing was perfect! I started dreaming about Boston! Who would I take?? I’d take my daughter of course! But Ryder would be sad. And hubby really wants to visit Boston. Ah well, it’s a problem I’d LOVE to have! Alas, again it rang out after the 5:40 minute mark. Right after that, Nikki came on the air and spoke to the winner – Nancy. Dang it! I was probably caller 96! *weep* Luckily the winner chose San Fran, so I still have a chance!!!

Speaking of Nikki… I heard a rumour that Emilie was going to be taking over the midday show, and the schedule on Zed’s website shows Emilie in the 10-1 slot. Nikki is nowhere on that schedule. Did they let her give away a Beyonce trip as a farewell present?? Is she just stepping into the background as the music director or is she leaving?

Don’t get me wrong – I’m THRILLED that Emilie is going to be carrying me over from 10 till Matty B! I heart Emilie! Finally – a reason to listen to the radio mid-morning! The only thing that concerns me is that I also heard that Crosby is no longer doing promotions. WAAAAAH!! While I am SO happy for him – he’s reportedly the head dude there now – how does that affect US?! Because it’s ALL about ME!!! And you. Will his replacement (Taryn?) be as creative, as fair, as approachable? Croz is a hard act to follow…

Something else has been poking at me: someone else is calling the Win at Work people. I’ve called a few now who have said “oh, were you the one that just called me?” Currently, I write down the name, tweet it, check my list of names, then call them. If there’s another contest happening at the same time, like the CFOX name, I wait until that one has happened before I phone the Win at Work person. If someone else gets to it before me, it would be good to know. I’m grateful for the help, but I would appreciate the heads-up before I waste my time trying to track the people down. If you’re willing to take on the role, I’m happy to pass the torch!

I’m keeping busy trying to win Selena tickets for the kids. Both of them want to go so I don’t know how that’s going to work out, but again, it’s a problem I’d LOVE to have!

I’m busy de-cluttering as well – where did all this shit come from?! Mind you, having too much stuff just means that we’ve been very fortunate – we’ve either had the money to buy it, or we’ve had generous friends who have given us things. Having to de-clutter and give away boat-loads of stuff is another problem I don’t mind having at all!