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Posted on May 25, 2016

Just where IS Jody Vance? Is she planning on coming back to radio or tv? I’m looking forward to a return to Vance-couver media!

Jody Vance is a home-made treasure, born in Vancouver in 1967. You can read her full bio HERE on Wikipedia, but the entry is 4 years old. It needs an update! (Don’t we all!!) My husband has been a big fan of hers for going on 2 decades. I only discovered her relatively recently, when I joined Twitter and started watching Breakfast Television 4 years ago. When Jody and her clan had a yard sale, we went out of our way to attend. I still have her basketball hoop in my back yard!

I am less than a year older than her, so I relate to her very easily. The great thing about Jody is that you don’t have to be in your 40’s to relate to her – she breaks the age barriers and smashes the gender barriers where ever she goes! So why did Breakfast Television let her go???

Until today, I didn’t know why she wasn’t at BT anymore, I just knew that she was gone and I haven’t watched BT since. Often when personalities disappear from media, they do so quietly – no fanfare, not even acknowledgement of their departure (or existence!) But when Jody suddenly disappeared from BT, the whole on-air crew wished her well and expressed their jealousy that she got to sleep in. This made me wonder if she actually got let go, or if she left of her own accord.

So, because we were left with no explanation, I once again formed my own. This is what happens when they don’t tell us the truth – we make up our own truths! In MY mind, Jody left because she was standing up for something she believed in. It was the day of the Gomeshi trial verdict, and I can only imagine the angst all journalists were feeling – preparing articles and opinion pieces for every possible outcome. I imagined Jody voicing her opinion behind the scenes and the bigwigs asking her to keep her thoughts to herself when the verdict came in. Such a controversial issue would invoke a major visceral response, difficult to suppress on live television. I pictured Jody telling them to stuff it, and walking out with her head held high. She is not the type of woman that you tell what to think or say – she says how she feels and she means it. That’s one of the things I love about her – unquashable spirit! But she is equally diplomatic, so it was hard to imagine this play out. Nonetheless, that’s the story I had given it in my head and my heart.

I have been following her on social media since she left, and I noticed that she tweets and retweets Russ Lacate, the weather man at BT and News 1130. Interestingly, she doesn’t retweet anything else BT, or her ex-coworkers Riaz, Thor, etc.  This doesn’t mean a thing, but it’s just interesting. Today I was scrolling through her Twitter feed – she’s been in Spain and I love reading about her adventures there – when I saw a tweet from back in April that said she was laid off due to cutbacks. Huh. Well, that’s disappointing!!

Now I have a NEW story! I’m pretty sure this is how it went down:

There was a meeting. They told Jody that one of the on-air staff must be let go due to budget cuts. Jody decided to take one for the team and offered herself up to take the bullet. In one fell swoop she saved her co-workers’ jobs, and she freed herself up to spend some real quality time with her little man Brady. It was kind of a win-win situation! But, Jody being Jody, she didn’t tell anybody that’s how it went down. She let everyone believe that she got fired because she’s the kind of hero that doesn’t need accolades.

If this is NOT what happened, I don’t care. I don’t want to know. I like my version better! And if anyone asks why Jody’s not at BT anymore, I will shrug. “Cutbacks” I’ll say. But deep down, I’ll have my own story of her departure. Her son and I know the truth… that under that Twist Fashions blazer is a cape!