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Weekend May 7 & 8

Posted on May 7, 2016

Happy Weekend!

It’s going to be a gorgeous one so I hope you get a chance to get out and enjoy it. I will be putting my efforts into cleaning out the garage and getting rid of ALL the baby/little kid toys that my kids have outgrown. WOOT! Nothing like a good purge to start the summer off right. And then we’ll hit some garage sales and refill the empty spaces… heh.

Though things are slowing down, there are still some great things to be won. Next week Zed starts their ATM contest – listen for Adele, Taylor Swift, and Maroon 5 back-to-back in that order and caller 10 will win $5000. SWEEEET!!! I predict many instances of an Adele and TSwift song, not followed by a M5 song. I already feel let down. LOL! But definitely worth playing for – it’ll happen at least twice, and maybe thrice, between Monday and June 3rd. Fun!

Also, our dear Emilie is moving to the 10-1 slot on Zed starting Monday. I am over-the-moon happy about that! I rarely listen to the radio in that window but now I will have a reason to tune in. Emilie and I will be cleaning the house, baking, cooking, folding laundry. She’ll snap me out of my crybabyitis when it hits, and she’ll make me guffaw when my face hasn’t smiled all morning. Can’t wait! 😀

Rock 101 is continuing with Cheques or Cherokees until the 20th, but either after that or during, they will have a prize with tickets for that wicked concert in California, the one with Stones, Who, Neil Young, etc. Hopefully they will be full packages, with flights and accommodations – it’s not like 101 to chintz out, so I’d expect the full meal deal. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, 101 is handing out Who tickets THIS weekend! Listen all weekend for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the May 13th show. I already have tickets so I won’t be playing, but I hope YOU win! Then we can all meet up for a drink before the show!

Virgin has 4 packs of Cloverdale Rodeo tickets all weekend. These include a parking pass, so that’s nice.

CFOX always has something to give away on the weekends, but since they removed their On-Air Contests page, I have no idea what it will be this weekend. But since listening to the Fox a lot these past few months for the Payroll contest, I find that I quite enjoy rocking out to it. It might be a good thing to have on while I clean the garage!

Good luck and have fun!