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Radio Ratings March-June 2016

Posted on Jun 10, 2016

They’re here! The radio ratings for spring!!

The official post from Numeris is HERE.

This season’s ratings (Mar – June 2016) are thus:

Rating, Station, % of Listenership:

1 – QMFM – 9.2

2 – Rock 101 – 7.9

3 – Virgin – 6.9

4 – JRFM – 6.8

5 – Z95.3 – 5.5

6 – CFOX – 5.4

7 – LG104.3 – 5.3

8 – Jack – 5.3

9 – Peak – 3.2

10 – Kiss – 3.0


Last season’s ratings (Dec 2015 – Feb 2016) were:

Rating, Station, % of Listenership:

1 – QMFM – 13.3

2 – Virgin – 7.0

3 – Rock 101 – 6.8

4 – Z95.3 – 5.5

5 – JRFM – 5.3

6 – CFOX – 5.0

7 – JACK – 4.9

8 – LG104.9 – 4.5

9 – Peak – 3.9

10 – Kiss – 3.3


Any analysis I do is overly simplified, I’m sure the whole process is much more complicated and involved. However, the % listenership numbers are pretty telling, don’t you think?? (Note: the %s don’t add up to 100 % because all the news and sports talk stations have been omitted for MY purposes. If you want to see the full report, check out the Numeris link above.)

The jumps in Rock 101, JRFM, and LG are impressive! Zed remains steady, CFOX and Jack have a bit of a rise, and Peak, and Kiss dropped. Even QMFM has dropped significantly, though still maintaining the number one spot by a country mile. Interesting…

LG has cut in on Jack and CFOX’s dance, seemingly getting bolder with age. This knocks Jack down a peg on the rung, despite their rise in listenership. So, what are they doing differently? Their numbers have certainly increased since the change in music. Could LG’s contests be getting more people to tune in? They certainly have a bigger presence on social media now, and the logos on their cars are VERY eye-catching. Whatever it is, their efforts are paying off! Of course, it could also just be that we old farts are getting tired of the new songs and want a blast from the past now and again to renew our vigour… I must confess, I do this more and more. Heh.

JRFM and Virgin have decided to dance, much to Virgin’s chagrin I’ll bet! Too bad Purvey didn’t get to stick around for this upswing. Perhaps the Blake/Gwen pairing has given the other genres a reason to try out country for a change? 😉

QMFM’s drop looks like it’s seasonal. I made a crude graph by hand. Want to see it? It’s pretty bad, but it gave me the information I was looking for:


I only put 4 stations on it, otherwise it gets a bit messy. Maybe I’ll make another graph later. This will do for now. It shows that QM’s drop is seasonal. Isn’t that interesting!! There’s always a huge dip in the new year! The graph also shows LG’s steady rise over the past 2 years – the format change looks good on them! Looks like the summer of 2014 threw Jack and JRFM into a frenzy – what was going on that year?! Interestingly, their dips and rises happen at the same times – between September and December. This happens to be when the biggest contests are going on, so maybe people are tuning in elsewhere for the big prizes? Just a guess. Their numbers start to rise again once the ratings race is over. Huh.

I’m such a geek. I need to figure out how to make graphs properly on my Mac! I can make them in Excel on a Windows system no problem, but I’m useless on a Mac…