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Canada Day etc.

Posted on Jul 1, 2016

It’s a long weekend! Yahoo!! Well, yahoo for SOME people. Some others still have to work, and others have to travel, and others are lost when there’s unscheduled time. Where ever you’re at, I hope you are able to enjoy some fresh air and quiet thoughts.

Things that happened:

Thursday morning, Willy referred to Rock 101 as Jack by accident. That was funny. He corrected himself quickly “I don’t know where THAT came from!” he said. Hahaha! And now he’s off for 2 weeks, so hopefully he still has a job when he gets back. LOL!

Speaking of 101, I was listening for Revolution when Dean Hill said “caller 10 will win a 4 pack of Playland passes” so I made a split-second decision: my odds of winning the Cuba trip were slim-to-none, and my kids desperately want to go to Playland. I picked up the phone, redialled 3 times, got a ring, and won the tickets! Did you hear me?? I say such stupid shit when I’m caught off guard. Don’t ever have me on air – I have NO filter! He says “you’re a screamer” and I quipped “And not just on the rides!” Good grief!! What is WRONG with me?!?! Why can’t I just be cool like other winners?! Anyway, my kids are thrilled. I’d drive down and pick up the tickets right NOW if I hadn’t already gotten into the sauce!! (School is out. Don’t judge me!!!)

One more thing: Rock 101 did NOT play Revolution at all this week – they reserved ONE trip to give away on the last day of the contest: Monday, July 25th. The contest ends at 6pm that day, so if they don’t play it twice one of these weeks, that Monday will be the last trip give-away. I will keep you posted.

Kiah & Tara Jean announced that July 26th will officially be Tragically Hip Day in Vancouver. They will change their station name to 969 GORD FM for the day, which is very cool.

CFOX played Give It Away at 4:40. I did NOT expect that! I thought for sure they wouldn’t do it this week. But lucky WILL won himself a cool $5000! I was caller 80. I threw the phone at my husband because I had JUST won with Rock 101 and would’ve felt like a shmuck if I’d won from CFOX right after. I hear the receptionist at Corus HATES it when people win from both stations. And that brings us back to the “don’t take it personally” thing – fuck her!! At least we are listening to the radio, and that’s why SHE has a job. LOL!!! (I get all self-righteous when I’ve had a few…)

Long weekend:

I don’t think much will be happening contest-wise on the weekend, but PEAK will be giving away Cultus Lake Water Park passes ALL WEEKEND! WOOOHOOOO!!! Unfortunately (hah!) I won Amy Schumer tickets this week, so I can’t win those water park passes. My kids are annoyed that I won for ME and not THEM! *shrug*

Check for our Lotto Max ticket on Facebook on Friday. I’ll have it up before noon.

And if you don’t have weekend plans, JRFM is hosting a JRBQ out at Langley Events Centre. You can get more details about that HERE. Clay & Karen will be broadcasting from there between 10:30 and 2:30. Then it says Docc will be there from 2:30 to 6, but on the same page it says Barbara Beam will be there from 2:30 to 6. Not sure WHO will be there, but if you are up for some live country music and a BBQ, you should GO!

Rock 101 will be down at Canada Place and they will have some fun stuff and a Steven Tyler meet & greet up for grabs.

Peak will be at Surrey’s celebration at Bill Reid Millenium Amphitheatre (details HERE) and will have gift cards, snacks, and swag.

I’ll be going to JRFM’s 30th birthday party at The Roxy on Sunday night! WOOT!!! The win-to-get-in party is from 7 – 9. I’ll be home by 9:30. LOL!

Have a great weekend no matter what you do!!!