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Apologies to flight 697

Posted on Aug 23, 2016

Standing here at the airport in Iceland. With another 45 minutes to go and the kids going squirrely, what’s a mother to do?

That’s right! Write a poem!!

Apologies to Flight 697:

Standing in this Iceland terminal,

My patience wearing thin,

The kids are wrestling on the floor

They’re making quite a din!

But this vacation of 5 weeks with them

Has me not caring a whit

Because it’s best to let them wear each other out

Than have you see me lose my shit!

You may judge me for not controlling them

And keeping them calm and quiet

But better to laugh and goof around here

(They’re really having a riot)

Than bring that energy on our little plane

I’m sure you won’t deny it!

We are lucky to be flying

With lovely Iceland Air

They give the kids food and toys

It’s a bonus that they’re strapped to their chair!

And the next time that I decide to travel

Alone with my little fools

I’ll send you all a warning memo

So you’ll have some time to reschedule!