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Contest Overview Aug/Sept

Posted on Aug 27, 2016

Here we go!!! The ratings race has officially begun!

I’m going to list all of the big contests happening this week and beyond. Pick your pleasure!

Jack’s Mystery MixTape

At first I was really excited to see a new contest announced, one that was different from any we’ve seen in a while. Upon further investigation, I realize that this game is impossible to win! The rules are a bit cryptic, but from what I understand, here’s how it will play:

When you hear the cue at 8:10, 11:10, 1:10 and 4:10, text MIXTAPE to 969007. They will “randomly” choose one texter and call them back. That person has to choose 3 songs from the pool of 50 on the list. The host will then play the tape and if those are the three songs, then that person wins $96,000. It’s not clear if the songs have to be in exact order or not, but I’m assuming they do not. The host does not know which songs are on the tape – it’s supposed to be a surprise to them too. I’ll just let you think about that for a while… 😶

While this sounds easy, the odds of winning are ridiculously slim. There are 19,600 possible 3-song combinations, which means your odds of winning are 1 in 19,600. These are akin to the odds of winning that million dollar birthday game that Sonic had a while back. Remember that?? They asked people born in a specific month to call in, and if their birthday was on the same day and year that was in the envelope, they won a million dollars. I hated that game…

Basically, they are trying to entice listeners without actually having to spend any money. Clever. But it won’t take long for people to get bored of trying. They may even get annoyed and change the station if they are not the ones getting to play – the station hasn’t given them any reason to tune in! Listening to the game play doesn’t give any clues to the upcoming plays of the game – it’s not a game that needs to be tracked.

That said, I really like the IDEA of the game, and I will tune in just to hear it played. This is not a “name that tune” kind of contest. This is a “pick any 3 songs and we’ll open the envelope; if your chosen songs are the ones written down, then you win.” It’s the same as a teen saying to their best friend “pick any three numbers between 1 and 50, and if you picked the right 3 then I will give you my favourite sweater.” They’ll never get that sweater. You don’t actually get to hear the songs and guess what they are – you are guessing in the dark. So if you get to play, just randomly pick any of the 3 songs and cross your fingers!

Also on Jack: Win At Work

They will say “hi” to a listener 4 times per day. That listener has 30 minutes to call them back. If they do, they win either $100, $500, $1000, or $5000. They’ve also had $150 and $250 winners, so I guess they are just keeping us guessing. Anyway, if you hear your name, call 604-872-2557 and ask for Donna. Sometimes Donna is not there, so just keep calling until someone picks up. And if your time is running out, call their studio line (280-JACK) and talk to the DJ – at the very least they can log in the time you called and prove that you called within your 30 minutes. If you haven’t entered the contest, go HERE and scroll to the bottom and click on the Opt-in tab. And if you can’t listen at all of the 4 times (9-9:30, 10-10:30, 1-1:30, 4-4:30), email me your contact info and I’ll let you know if your name is said. I love that they changed up the times!! They did this because of the Mixtape game, but I hope it stays this way forever!! 😀

QMFM’s Skeet the Skank

The usual. Except I renamed it for my own purposes because I’m bored of the real name. Be caller 25 at 7:05, 8:05, 11:05, or 4:05, and you get to open the vaults. Stop opening vaults before the alarm sounds or you lose it all! Please note: if you play and the alarm sounds, you do NOT get to play again! You win a $100 gift card to Notch 8 Restaurant and that’s your prize for the next 30 days. After 30 days, you can win again from the stations but you still can’t play Beat the Bank again. If you’ve won ANYTHING from any of the Bell stations (QM, Virgin, TSN) in the past 30 days, you can’t play. I know, I know… 🙄

Z95.3’s ZFX

Also the usual. Jackpot starts at $1,000! Have you heard the first sound? Do you know what it is?? I’m squirming in my seat. I LOVE THIS GAME!!! If you do too, play along at 8, 11, 2, and 5. 😍

Virgin’s $15,000 Thursdays

Be caller 94 at 8:10 on Thursdays. That is all. 😐

Rockin’ Payroll

They call a name at 8, 11, 2 and 5. If it’s yours, you have 10 minutes to call them back. If you do, you win $250. If the next person doesn’t call back, you get their $250 too. And so on, until the next person calls back. If you haven’t registered, go enter at

Vacay or Pay

Listen to CFOX for the cue to call at 8:30, 11, 2, and 5 (ish). Caller 9 gets to choose if they’d rather be in the draw for an awesome vacation on the following Monday, or take the cash in the envelope. There could be $1 or $1000 in the envelope. Go for the vacation! Great odds, would be amazing to win! And if you don’t win, no penalty – you can qualify again the following week! 😎

Peak’s Free Money Artist

The Peak will announce the Artist of the Day every hour on the hour. When you hear it, text FREE MONEY YOUR NAME to 88000 before the song ends. They will call the winner and give them $1000. I played this last time, but I’ve given up on it. I hate text-in contests… 😏


Last year at this time, JRFM started playing their 1K A Day contest. Not a fan. You know what was my all-time favourite JRFM game? Yup, because it was yours too: Red Solo Cup! Love that game!!! A close second was Moolah the Cash Cow – she was a sweetheart! Nothing got me as excited as hearing that milk hit the pail, even though I wasn’t the one playing! I miss Moolah… But so far, no major contest announcement! They’re warming up though, with Keith Urban tickets and a truck giveaway! I’d take either of those for a spin… 😁

*UPDATE*: Moolah’s replaced by her emotionally unstable daughter!! Damn, those teenage hormoos… Listen for the cue to call at 7, 11, 2, 5, and 7. If you are the correct caller (I think it’s pretty random, they don’t always take caller 9) you get to “milk” the cow. Every time milk hits the pail, you get more money. If the cow moos before you say stop, you lose it all. But because this is not Moolah, it’s her impish daughter Jewel, she may kick the bucket over and knock out some of the “milk”! The little rascal! So your dollar amounts will go up, and they might also go DOWN. But after it’s gone down, it might still go up again, so don’t say stop in a panic if she kicks the pail… Starts Monday the 13th! SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!

Also on JRFM:

They are giving away Gloria the Ram truck. They gave a truck related word 5 times per day for the past month. You had to enter the words each day before midnight. If you even entered ONE word, you are in the draw. But the catch is that you have to be present at the parking lot party in order to win. The party will be in Langley at the Events Center on September 15th, a Thursday, but it doesn’t say what time. Is it in the evening so we all get stuck in rush hour traffic? Or is it during the day while many of us will be at work? The timing is important – lots of people can’t make it out there, so they entered the words for nothing! IF you can show up, here’s what’s going to happen: they will draw 10 names from the pool of entries (which is hopefully done digitally because little pieces of paper with names on it could probably fill a cement truck, there would’ve been so many entries!) Those 10 people will play a game of heads or tails, where they will be asked to touch either their head or their bum. A coin will be tossed and those holding their heads if “heads” turns up will remain in the draw. If it’s “tails”, those holding their bums will remain. This will carry on until only one person is left standing – the winner of the truck! Worth driving out to Langley for?? Hmmmm…. well, if you do, please wear a tail (because how fun would THAT be?!?!)

Roundhouse Radio

Listen at 7:10 each morning to hear who the Artist of the Day will be. When you hear a song by that artist, call 604-449-8983. If you are the lucky caller (random, I think), you will get your name into the draw for a trip to the Greatest Concert Ever – the one in the desert with the Stones, Paul McCartney, etc etc etc. The draw is in October, so you have plenty of chances to get your name in the draw – they do it multiple times per day. Even so, there will only be maybe 120 people in the draw – better odds than winning the PNE prize home! Good luck!


Welp! That’s all I’ve got! Thanks for tuning in. And remember: Keep Trying and Happy Dialling!!