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Peaks and Valleys

Posted on Aug 18, 2016

Awwww snap! More comrades have fallen. 😕

I’m sure you heard by now that Kevin and Sonia have been “let go” from The Peak. Let go. As if they were being held hostage. Well, I suppose they were, in a sense – hostage to the sinking ship that they tried to keep afloat with their charm.

The pair were torn out of the loving arms of a faithful listenership in Kelowna and brought to The Peak with great hope and promise. But instead of balloons, they were handed anvils and told to swim ashore.

I can’t say that this firing comes as a shock – bringing in a new morning show did little to change the station’s ratings. But when Kevin and Sonia were hired, were they warned that this might happen? Were they told “hey, don’t plan your future according to this job because it’s a fickle business and you’re starting at the bottom. You have a tough job ahead of you and we’ll fire you if you’re not the lucky charms we were hoping to buy!” I doubt it.

But Kevin and Sonia are smart and they knew that this was a risky move. I have every confidence that they will be just fine! Life is full of Peaks and valleys and they will travel through them with grace and their trademark positivity. Sure, they might lose some sleep – it’s no fun to get fired, especially when you have a family to feed – but it won’t take long for these two cats to land on their feet. Did you see the lovely “Thank You” that they posted on the Mornings With Kevin and Sonia Facebook page? For the first time ever, fired hosts have stepped forward and said goodbye properly. Not only did they acknowledge the firing, they did it with gratefulness, class, and humility. I wouldn’t expect anything less from these two! They are even hosting a Q & A at 2pm on Friday afternoon via Facebook Live – LOVE IT!!

I have the utmost respect for The Peak – I like their hipster vibe and I like their humbleness. They truly are in a class of their own, not trying to compete (at least obviously) with other stations. But now they are “taking the station in a different direction”, or so they said when they fired the morning show.

Huh. Soooo… which direction is that?? I suppose the only way to go is UP, but it will be interesting to see what route they choose to get there. I’m not sure that it’s even possible for The Peak to gain altitude!!

What can they do? Change the format? Play different music? The only station that remotely competes with them musically is CFOX, but they are really two completely separate beasts. CFOX is hard core, I’d even say harsh, in style and image, and the whole package is mainstream. White bread. The Peak is a nicer version of that, more whole wheat. Granola even! Will they now try to be more Rock and less Rocky Horror? More Angry and less Angry Birds?

They seem to have the same problem as LG and Kiss – too far over on the dial. People have already found something to listen to by the time they reach the 102 mark! Maybe a frequency change is all they needed…

I suppose the easiest thing to change first is the hosts. This change probably doesn’t come easily – I’m sure they’ve thought it out carefully and have a back up plan in place. At least, I’d hope so. Oh please don’t let that back up plan consist of another recently-gone host!!!

Whatever the future holds for The Peak, I only wish the best for them.

And same for Kevin and Sonia. Our best to you! We hope to hear you again soon!