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Wednesday Sept 27th

Posted on Sep 28, 2016

Blog changes:

I had a meeting with my website dude and we talked about all of the options: putting up a paywall, making a members-only section, putting in a PayPal button, etc. I decided that I would be making some changes soon, but for now I will simply password protect the posts. I have a list of everyone who has access to these posts, so I will notify them when the password changes. Eventually there will be a members-only section that will contain all of the daily updates. Members will also have access to other things like Lotto Max tickets, special events, etc. Non-members will still have stuff to read, but the Members section will be the fun place! 😉

Some people have suggested that I put up ads to get some revenue on the site, but this isn’t as straight-forward as it sounds. The only way you get revenue is if people CLICK on the ad. And personally, I avoid sites that have ads on them. In fact, I click AWAY from sites with ads. So it’s against my instincts to have ads on my OWN site because I dislike them so much. Besides, the revenue from ads is very, VERY little. If you’ve never owned a website, it can be hard to imagine how much work it is and how to make money from it. I appreciate the thoughts though, and hope to see you on the Members side some day!

That said, this will be the LAST Daily Radio Contest Schedule that will be open to the public. Starting tomorrow, they will be PASSWORD PROTECTED. Gaining access to them is as simple as asking for the password. No money, no blood, no commitment. Just ask me nicely. Send me a private message via Facebook or Twitter, or send me an email to I will send you the password and mark you on my list so I can notify you if the password changes. No big deal. If you don’t want the password, that’s cool too – I’m sure you have other friends who can help you out with listening to the stations. I wish you well. And you are welcome to join the party at ANY time! With a few exceptions, actually, and I think you know who you are…

If you aren’t ready to ask for a password – maybe you’re an introvert or paranoid about the interwebs – you can simply take a screen shot of this schedule and that will tide you over until next week. Then you can choose to ask for a password or make up your OWN schedule. Hey, maybe you’ll have an even BETTER schedule! I’ll bet you could uncover some secret contests that I haven’t heard about. Sleuthing is fun if you have the time…

I know that some radio peeps read my blog, and I hope that they continue to do so. I’m sure SOMEONE can pass them the password… 😉

Stuff that happened:

I don’t know who is answering the phones over at QM in the morning, but that wasn’t Scooter yesterday. I always start dialling during the song that comes on after the news and right before the cue to call. This time it started ringing about half way into the song. It rang for 1.5 minutes, exactly 15 rings. Then the cue to call happened, and I expected the call to be answered “you’re caller one.” Nope. It rang for another minute (another 10 rings), and then a male voice answered “you’re caller 5.” FIVE?!?! Usually they’re at caller 22 by now! WTH?! The take-away from this is that you should always keep dialling right up until you hear the player on the line – sometimes they can be slow to reach caller 25, and sometimes calls are dropped so they have to take caller 26. Never hang up if you get a ring!!!

Over at CFOX, the morning show claimed that there were NO people in the draw for the vacation. Um… what?? TWO people opted for the splash on Monday. Maybe they need someone to check their homework before they hand it in… Somehow wires get crossed and misinformation is given out. Not cool. I’ve done it myself, so I know mistakes can happen. But they are speaking to thousands of people – they need to be more careful!

Still no headway on the CKNW thing. Today at 4:35 they will be giving a HINT to the missing person, as long as it isn’t won at the 8 and 12 plays. It would be great just to know if it’s a man or a woman!! It is such a quick sound clip that it’s hard to tell, but I lean toward MAN. I look forward to the hint!

Also, no further headway on the ZFX! AUGH!!! WTH?! I have at least 3 guesses that I would seriously consider if I ever got through. Yes, I’m trying!! But no luck yet. I was caller ONE on Tuesday. Blah.

One last thing: in case you haven’t noticed, the hosts KNOW how high the jackpot is going to go. When they pretend that they DON’T know, they are acting. It’s in their script. They’re told to pretend not to know, so they have to feign surprise when the alarm blows or the cow moos. But make no mistake: they know exactly how the play is going to go. Just like when the CKNW people pretend to have to “check your answers” – pfft, they know right away if you have all 7 right or not! And when the Jack hosts act so disappointed when your chosen songs are wrong? No surprise to them, I promise. The only truly surprised peeps (in MY opinion) is the ZFX hosts and the CFOX hosts. They actually do NOT know, and are just as surprised as the player. That’s only MY opinion though, so who knows!!!

New This Week:

See Monday’s or Tuesday’s post for this.


This week’s Online Entry Contests post is HERE. It was written on Saturday and many of the contests ended on Sunday, so it will be updated Monday or Tuesday. I’ll let you know when that happens. (It hasn’t happened yet. Maybe today.)

HERE is a reminder of previous ZFX’s – please check for your guess here before calling in.

Skeet the Skank analysis of previous plays is HERE.


Free Money Artist.

Jewel on JRFM.

Rockin’ Payroll.

Vacay or Pay.


Skeet the Skank.

Shot in the Dark.

Links you might need (***password-protected posts!***)

Rockin’ Payroll Names Aug-Nov 2016 are HERE.

Vacay or Pay Choices Aug-Nov 2016 are HERE.

Skeet the Skank jackpots are HERE.

ZFX guesses are HERE.

Jewel’s milk amounts are HERE.

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5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word (4 passes to Langley Food & Wine Show or 4 passes to Monkido)

6-9 – JRFM, tickets to Eric Church

6-10 – TSN, Tsawwassen Mills prize

6:30 – CFOX, Stump the Show ($100 to Carl Jr’s)

7-9 – JRFM, Secret Word is said (4 passes to Langley Food & Wine Show or 4 passes to Monkido)

7:00 – JRFM, milk Jewel the Cash Cow

7:00 – Jack, No Time To Google ($100)

7:05 – QMFM, Skeet the Skank

7:15 – CFOX, RHCP tickets

7:20 – LG, 1 Second Song ($1,000)

7:20 – CFOX, tickets to RHCP

7:30 – JRFM, You Can’t Win This

7:30 – Rock 101, Grand IQ Test

7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

8:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

8:00 – CFOX, Vacay or Pay

8:00 – Rock 101, Rockin’ Payroll

8:05 – Virgin, Guess the Store ($250 to Tsawwassen Mills)

8:05 – QMFM, Skeet the Skank

8:10 – Peak, tickets to The Strumbellas

8:10 – Jack, Shot In The Dark

9-9:30 – Jack, Win At Work name

10-10:30 – Jack, Win At Work name

10:30 – Peak, tickets to their Halloween Party on Oct 28th

11:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

11:00 – JRFM, milk Jewel the Cash Cow

11:00 – CFOX, Vacay or Pay

11:00 – Rock 101, Rockin’ Payroll

11:05 – QMFM, Skeet the Skank

11:10 – Jack, Shot In The Dark

12-1 – CFOX,  90’s at Noon (?)

12-1 – Rock 101, Rock Trivia (?)

12:15 – Peak, Rock Bite (tix to Harvest Haus)

1:10 – Jack, Shot In The Dark

2-2:30 – Jack, Win At Work name

2:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

2:00 – JRFM, milk Jewel the Cash Cow

2:00 – CFOX, Vacay or Pay

2:00 – Rock 101, Rockin’ Payroll

3-3:30 – Jack, Win At Work name

4-5 – JRFM, U-Turn (BC Lions tickets for Oct 2nd)

4:05 – QMFM, Skeet the Skank

4:10 – Jack, Shot In The Dark

5:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

5:00 – JRFM, milk Jewel the Cash Cow

5:00 – CFOX, Vacay or Pay

5:00 – Rock 101, Rockin’ Payroll

7:00 – JRFM, milk Jewel the Cash Cow

8:00 – Z95.3, Fright Night passes

As always, best of luck!