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ZFX #2 and Beyond

Posted on Sep 20, 2016

Thank goodness that’s over!

This new sound is interesting! My guesses: opening a walk-in freezer door; opening a car door; pushing garbage through the flap of a garbage bin; taking something out of the bottom tray of the vending machine after you’ve paid for it; closing a Keurig top after you put the coffee pod in; pushing mail through a mail slot; three hole puncher;

Here are the guesses for this season’s 2nd ZFX:

Tuesday Sept 20

11 – Karen: stapler

2 – Camilla: cracking an egg

5 – ?: closing a suitcase and clicking the latches

Wednesday Sept 21st

8 – Lori? hole puncher

11 – Lorraine: using a measuring tape

2 – James: dvd tray

5 – Nikki: Ziploc bag opening or closing

Thursday Sept 22nd

8 – Carole: using a foot pedal on a trash can

11 – Oswald: closing a briefcase or suitcase

2 – ?: putting in and ejecting a cassette tape

5 – Jenny: flipping through a book

Friday Sept 23rd

8 – Melissa: automatic car lock


*** closing a car door and releasing the latch

*** clicking an automatic SLR camera

2 – ?: deadbolt locking on a door

5 – Shayla: unlocking trunk with power lock

Monday Sept 26th

8 – Judy: pushing down on the handle and opening a door

11 – Camilla: projector slide

2 – Melanie: turning off the ignition and pulling the key out

5 – ?: turning a door handle

Tuesday Sept 27th

8 – ?: the cashier taking the security tag off clothing at a store

11 – Crystal: opening a cardboard box

2 – Alexis: key going into a lock and unlocking a door

5 – Laverne: briefcase opening

Wednesday Sept 28th

8 – Nicole: putting your bank card into the ATM

11 – Melody: dialling a rotary phone

2 – Dana: inserting VHS tape into a VCR

5 – Laurie: opening clips of a briefcase

Thursday Sept 29th

8 – Donna: self-inking stamp

11 – Cookie: nail gun

2 – Lorraine: French doors on a fridge closing

5 – Cheryl: ink cartridge being ejected

Friday Sept 30th

8 – Kelly: latching a sliding glass patio door closed

11 – ?: slicing watermelon in half

Ooooh! The 5 minute Facebook Live video gave us a TON of information!!! Here are the questions and answers:

  1. does it have to do with food? No.
  2. is it a type of tool? No.
  3. Is it found in a home? Yes.
  4. Is it something for household use? No.
  5. Does it involve something spinning? No.
  6. Is it indoors? (waffling) could be, yes or no, but typically would not use it indoors
  7. Is it used in the kitchen? No.
  8. Can you eat it? No.
  9. Is it an everyday outside item? No.
  10. Is it found in a school? No.
  11. Is it something for a pet? No.
  12. Is it anything to do with something happening this weekend? No.
  13. Does it involve water? (waffling) Nnnno.
  14. Do you sit on it? No.
  15. Does it have to do with plants? No.
  16. Is it used in the back yard? Nnnno.
  17. Can you use it for a pet? No.
  18. Is it for a car? No.
  19. Is it used for leaves? No.
  20. Do you travel with it? (waffling) nnnoo? Depends in what sense.
  21. Have there been any close guesses? No.
  22. Can you hold it? (waffling) no. yes. no?
  23. Can it be on an office desk? No.
  24. Is it red? Could be.
  25. Do you watch it? No.
  26. Can you open and close it? (waffling) nnnno?
  27. Can you find it at Fright Nights? No.
  28. Is it something kids use? Yes, and adults also use it.
  29. Is it in the bathroom? No.
  30. Is it at Science World? No.
  31. Does it slide back and forth? No.
  32. Does it involve the weather? No.
  33. Is it bigger than a bread box? Yes.
  34. Does it have a wheel? No.
  35. Is it at a home including a garage? Not necessarily
  36. Is it an everyday sound? It’s common but it’s not heard every day
  37. Does it have a pump No.
  38. Is it man-made? Yes
  39. Do you look through it? No.
  40. Is it found outdoors? The sound typically happens outdoors but it could be made indoors too.
  41. Is it on a living room table? No.
  42. Do most people use it every day? No.
  43. Do you plant it? No.
  44. Can you hold it in your hand? Yes.
  45. Can you smell it? It doesn’t have a smell.
  46. Can you ride it? Yes.
  47. Is it used in a garden? No.
  48. Is it used in a garage? No.
  49. Do you sit on it? No.
  50. Is it an action? Yes.
  51. Do you ride ON it? Yes.
  52. Does it lock? No.
  53. Do you put clothes in it? No.
  54. Is it found inside the car? No.
  55. Was the sound made in your office? Yes.
  56. Is it something you use in the laundry room? No.
  57. Can it be carried? Yes.
  58. Is it smaller than a car? Yes.
  59. Does it have a lid? No.
  60. Can it move? Yes.
  61. Is it waterproof? Yes.
  62. Is it a yard tool? No.
  63. Will it hurt to lick it? Yes.
  64. Is it metal? Part of it is.
  65. Do you push it? No.
  66. Can you open and close it? Yes (even though earlier he said no!)
  67. Can you bounce it? No.
  68. Does it involve music? No.
  69. Is it loud? No.
  70. Is it liquid? No.
  71. Do you need two hands to use it? No.
  72. Do you trim it? No.
  73. Is it used for home improvements? No.
  74. Is it found in the bedroom? No.
  75. Does it hold liquid? No.
  76. Is it something you sleep on? No.

Based on these, my new guess is this: clipping your boot into a snowboard. Or is it a ski?

***Revised***: I think it’s putting on a ski boot. Actually, I don’t ski or snowboard, so YOU probably know what it is better than me…

In fact, it could be something completely different. Is it a toboggan? Or a bicycle? But they said it didn’t have wheels. How about a waterski? Or an inner tube? No metal on an inner tube or waterski…

My previous guesses stand: ski or snowboard-related! I think it’s strapping on a snowboard, hubby says it’s a ski, and I also think it could be pulling on a ski boot and closing the latch.

2 – Jim: needle on a manual turntable

5 – Kim: skateboard on a sidewalk

Monday Oct 3rd

8 – Parm: putting a quarter into a toy vending machine and the toy coming out

Okay, here’s my new guess: taking the ski boot out of the binding. Here’s a link to the sound effect online:

OFF FLOOR SURFACE – Down Hill Ski Boot-plastic boot out of binding, ski binding heel release, heel out followed by toe out.(lang boot)

Sounds pretty similar to me. That will be my guess if I get through… because when I watched the video of a snowboard boot and binding, it was a ratcheting sound. Are you familiar with it??

11 – Tammy: teeter totter going up and down

2 – ?: roller blades unlatching

She obviously didn’t read the clue about it not having wheels…

5 – Zoey: turnstile

Tuesday Oct 4th

8 – Lisa: taking off your ski boot

11 – Melissa: putting your ski boot into the binding