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Important Update!

Posted on Oct 13, 2016

Remember when I told you that there was no 30 day rule for the Punta Cana trip on Virgin? Welp! They’ve revised it! They added in the clause that says you can’t win if you’ve won anything in the previous 30 days from ANY of their stations (TSN 1040, TSN 1410, Virgin, QMFM). It specifically says “radio station”, so I guess if you’ve won from CTV you’re still eligible.

That’s 30 days from the START of the contest, so if you’ve won anything on or after Sunday September 11th, you can’t win this trip. The contest goes until November 6th (Nov 4th on-air, then two days online), so if you won something on September 12th, your 30 days would’ve been up on Oct 11th. You still can’t win, even though the contest is on for another month.

Seems a bit harsh, yes?

Even if you only won movie passes, you’re out of the running for this contest. Boo! On the other hand, that’s great for the rest of us…

In other news, I will be away Oct 17 – 20th. Please listen for your name on Jack and Rock 101 in case I’m unable to listen on my apps. I will have my list with me just in case, but I *might* be flying down the zipline on Freemont Street or buried deep within a book by the pool at Harrah’s. It’s been 1.5 years since I’ve had a break from it all – I may forget to listen!