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Old and New

Posted on Oct 12, 2016

Did you hear JRFM‘s big contest announcement this morning? They’re bringing back 1K A Day! Remember this contest? Let me jog your memory: they will say a different word at 7am, 11, 2, 5, and 7pm. At the end of the day, you log into your Online Insider account and enter those words – it doesn’t have to be all five, it can be one or two or however many you caught. But from what I remember, you have to put them in the correct spots. You can enter the words as you catch them, but don’t hit SUBMIT until you’ve gotten your last one of the day. Once you hit that Submit button, you can’t go back to add more words. The next morning at 8:10am they will draw the winner of the daily $1000.

Contesting level: meh.

Odds of winning: slim to none

Listener engagement: minute

Listener aggravation level when they miss a word: high

Challenge level: low

Interest level: notsomuch

That starts next Monday. I will have a post up where members can collect the 5 words throughout the day.

To keep the memory of Jewel alive, they’re milking her for FGL tickets! The farmer will give you a clue to where she is, and the first 3 people to show up and say “Holy Cow! Can I have some FGL tickets?” will win tickets to the show. The show is at Rogers on Nov 12th. This contest will continue through until next Friday.

Jack has come up with a fun way to give away their Coldplay tickets:

At 8:30 each morning they will post a video on Facebook of a microphone and it’s location. The first person to walk up and sing some Coldplay lyrics wins the tickets. This could be really entertaining, I’m going to tune in and see it unfold tomorrow (unless I have to walk the kids to school because then I’ll be missing bloody all of it!!)

This could get messy if two people show up at the same time, or if a passer-by happens upon it and does it before you even get into your car to drive there. Hmmm… we’ll see how it goes…

Jack also has tickets to the West Coast Women’s Show with Kiah & TJ, and one person will be upgraded to have a spa day with their best friend and TJ will tag along for a third wheel. Could be fun!

CFOX also has Coldplay tickets, and The Jeff O’Neil Show had a hard time giving them away on Monday! They were waiting for someone to tell them something “interesting” but it took quite some time. Speaking of JOS, I want to remind you that they answer their calls LIVE. If you get through and your phone is ringing, do NOT hang up! Every time I’ve ever played during their show, the phone rang and rang and rang right until Jeff said “which line are we going to?” and Adam said “we’re going to line number 4 today, Jeff!” or whatever number was caller 9. In my experience, every time the phone starts ringing too soon, Adam answers it and starts chit chatting. You soon learn that you are not caller 9, even though he got your heart racing and your hopes up. Please remember: if you are talking to Adam, you are NOT caller nine. Period.

There is now a private Twitter account for members, where I will be tweeting the names called for Jack and Rock 101, and also the 1K A Day words when they start, as well as any other information that I glean off the airwaves, Facebook, etc. This is a service for paid members only. If you are a paid member, please send a request to follow to @CVmembersOnly and I will check to make sure you are a paying member before accepting the request.

If you have paid but I have not added you, please email me at and let me know.