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Rock Station Cancels Contest?

Posted on Nov 29, 2016


A local rock station put the brakes on a much-anticipated contest today.

With no warning, they shelved the contest – a favourite among contesters – and carried on as if nothing had happened.

The contest asked listeners to tune in all day long, and when they heard a certain song, they were to call in to win an all-inclusive trip. Said song would play between 6am and 7pm, according to the rules posted on the station’s website.

Loyal listeners and many non-loyal listeners tuned in for the entire day – the first day of the contest – and the song was not played. Despite numerous on-air reminders by commercials and hosts alike, the contest did not happen. Interestingly, the hosts stopped mentioning the contest on air by late afternoon.

A quick visit to the website revealed that the contest was still posted. The contest rules on the site say there are 12 trips to be won. The contest runs for 15 days, so simple math tells us that on 3 of the 15 days the contest will not take place.

No one expected the FIRST day of the contest to be one of those days. Eyebrows raised, tweets were sent, rumors were whispered. Was the contest cancelled? Did Sunwing reneg on their deal? Did Mexico ban Canadians?? None of the above.

This is what we call a “false start”. They duped the listeners into thinking that they had a chance at the trip today, all the while knowing that the contest was shelved.

It “officially” started today, but it actually starts tomorrow.

Good luck!