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The Kiss of Death

Posted on Nov 3, 2016

It’s been almost eleven months since things started to go sideways for Kiss. December 14th, 2015 is when they announced that Randi Chase was no longer with the Kid Carson Show and I wrote a post about it called Gossip, Secrets, and Assumptions.  I was annoyed at the secrecy.

Three weeks later, Kid Carson is gone and Randi’s back. I wrote a post about that called Kiss is Growing Up. I was thrilled that Randi got some justice because I had a feeling that Kid was a hard person to work with. I wasn’t necessarily excited about the new morning show, I just liked that karma bit back.

Aaaaaaand now Randi’s gone, along with Ball Buster Susie and Andrew the Intern. They have been wiped from the station’s page and all have remained quiet on social media. Watching the fallout is fascinating to me!

We really have to hand it to Randi, Andrew, and Susie – they gave it their all. Rogers let them try, Rogers let them fail. It feels like they gave them just enough rope to hang themselves. No money was thrown at the show – they didn’t have great prizes to give away, they didn’t do many promotions, they didn’t try to do BIG things. I’m not saying that it would’ve saved them (look at Kevin and Sonia’s Peak Wedding – that didn’t do much for them, yet it was innovative and unique!), but it might have garnered SOME attention.

Nope. They let them sink. Let me say that again: they LET them sink. Or, in a different tone: THEY let them sink.

So… whose fault is it? Is it the parent corporation, who didn’t give them a big budget with which they could do great things? Or is it the station, who tied their hands and squashed their creativity? Or is it the show itself, who was unpolished and inexperienced, or just plain un-listenable?!

My guess is that the show tied their own nooses…

I’m sure many of you enjoyed the morning show on Kiss, but I have to be honest – I couldn’t listen to it for more than a minute. Their voices were grating, their tones were catty, and the conversation was immature. It was like listening to a bunch of teenagers. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just saying it’s not what I want to listen to – the younger crowd is definitely their target audience! Or was…

Alas, not even the younger crowd could save this flailing show. Don’t worry, they’ll be fine – Andrew should go into modelling (I said that years ago!) and Susie would fit in perfectly at Virgin. Randi is newly married and she would make a great Mom blogger – maybe starting a family would be a nice break for her? Not that parenting is a “break”, I just mean that her blog would be interesting (she already has one, have you read it? She’s a good writer.)

Who will be replacing the morning show? Good GAWD, I hope they don’t bring back Kid! I would lose my shit! Not because Kid’s back on the air – he had a big following who would be delighted to hear him again – but my head would be spinning with all the draaaaaaaaaama. No. Just no.

Ara was on this morning. I think Ara is great, I’ve always enjoyed listening to him. Not phoney, not catty, not over-the-top. But he’s best on his own – I can’t listen when he and DJ Trouble are on together! So who would be a good partner for Ara? Or is he just filling in and they’ll bring in some new blood?

I think Ara is a good fit for the morning show – he’s got a ton of energy, he’s personable, he’s creative, and he doesn’t make my ears bleed. He could carry the show for sure, and they couldn’t let him sink because he’s a FLOATER! He is buoyant! He will lift it up and rise above, I’m certain of it. It may be a challenge, but I think he’s up for it. Give him a chance! Please!!

And let’s see if he can escape the Kiss of Death.