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Forecast: Showers Increasing Throughout the Week

Posted on Dec 27, 2016

Do you shower every day?

If so, why? Is it because you are a sweater? Not a fuzzy wearable, but a person who sweats?

There are a multitude of reasons teens and adults shower every day – greasy hair, workouts, weather, hormones making things stinky. These are all adult problems.

Why do children need to bathe every day?

They don’t. They don’t have the hormones that make pits, crotches, feet and scalps stinky. They don’t sweat (usually), they don’t have to go to work, they don’t need to impress their friends. My babies never sniffed their pits, my toddlers never smelled their friends, my 6 year old only holds his nose at food smells (even farts don’t prompt a nose-pinching!)

I have bathed my children once a week since birth. Occasionally there has been a poop explosion that warranted a mid-week cleaning, but otherwise, a simple clean with a wet rag sufficed. The baths became more important in the summertime, when we’d spend long hours at a spray park or wading pool and we needed to get the chlorine or dirty water off before bed. Even then, I sometimes skipped the bath – it was easier to clean the sheets since we were just going back to the water park the next day anyway! Heh.

Once they started school, they started having showers on Monday morning. Even after hours of playing at the park after school, they weren’t stinky. Dirty, sure, but a foot wash and a face scrub did the trick. In the winter, they don’t even work up a sweat when they go skating.

Oh, I know there are kids out there who require more than once-per-week bathing. They play sports that make them sweat, they swim, they paint, etc. If they’re dirty, clean them. I get it. That’s obvious.

But if they’re NOT dirty, why do they need to shower every day? Is it to train them for when the hormones DO hit (at my house, looks like 10 years old was the magic number)? Or is it to get them into some sort of routine? Or to wake them up in the morning? Or to calm them down at night? Or perhaps you’ve been taught that “cleanliness is next to Godliness”?

Whatever the reason, you do what you feel is right. Your monkeys, your circus.

For us, our mantra is “a litte dirt doesn’t hurt.” Our kids have been raised in dirt and dust and dog hair, and they are the healthiest kids we know. It’s rare to even get a sniffle from either one.

That said, the 10 year old’s shower frequency is about to increase. The hormones are rearing their ugly heads, hair is getting greasy, pimples are popping up on the face, bumps growing elsewhere too, and we have reached pit-stink status! UGH!

Forecast: showers increasing throughout the week, with daily showers imminent for the foreseeable future.