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Petition for #TODDsquad

Posted on Dec 27, 2016

I’m starting a petition!!

I actually have no idea how to start a petition. I googled it and it looked like a lot of hassle, not just for the writer but also for the signers. I’m making a simple, simple, SIMPLE petition.


Todd Hancock


Morning Radio Host


The Peak, 102.7 Vancouver




There are too many reasons to list, but here’s a quick list:

  • he knows Vancouver’s music scene better than anyone
  • he has a good rapport with local and worldwide talents
  • he is a well-known radio host who will bring his own fans (TODDsquad)
  • he has the inside scoop on the competition (CFOX)
  • he has the backing of local businesses already
  • he is social media savvy, with leagues of followers
  • he is representative of The Peak’s new focus: modern rock
  • he is representative of The Peak’s brand: hip and humble

With the revolving door of Peak morning show hosts and the low ratings, it makes perfect sense to have Todd host the morning show. Unless they have something else in mind, they have nothing to lose with giving Todd a shot!

To be clear, I’ve never met Todd. I’ve probably run into him on the street and walked right past him. I follow him on social media because he has great content and I respect his style – he’s approachable, egoless, and professional. Because I listen to so much radio, I have lots of opinions about hosts (good and bad). This is MY opinion: Todd *could* save The Peak.


There will be THREE options for “signing” it (no actual signing!):

1) You can Tweet the following:

“We, the reTweeters, want Todd Hancock to be the host of The Peak’s morning show.”

Make sure you tag @m_patric and @RossWRadio in your tweet. Here, I’ll even write it so you can just copy/paste it:

“We, the reTweeters, want Todd Hancock to be the host of The Peak’s morning show. Make it happen, @m_patric and @RossWRadio! #TODDsquad”


2) You can LIKE the pinned post on the Contests Vancouver Facebook page:

For further effect, you can tag Ross Winters ( and The Peak ( and Mark Patric ( in the comments. Also tag Todd Hancock if you want (

3) You can send an e-mail to with the subject “#TODDsquad”.

This post will stay on the site until Todd gets to work at The Peak. If they’ve already hired somebody for January, we will keep collecting “signatures” until they get canned (because they WILL!) and do another push for Todd.