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A Dog’s Purpose – moral dilemma!

Posted on Jan 19, 2017

Welp! That’s a bummer.

It’s all over the internet that they mishandled some dogs during the filming of A Dog’s Purpose – you know, that movie that I just won the passes for… People are boycotting the movie. *sigh*. After watching the video and reading that one dog had to be┬áresuscitated, I can’t say I blame them. The video caused a visceral reaction and people hate that!

Some of the comments are a bit over the top – nobody PURPOSELY tried to drown a dog on set. That’s ridiculous. Mistakes were made, to be sure, but there was no malice involved.

The animal wranglers did not do their job properly – if that dog had been prepared for the scene, he would’ve gladly jumped into that water. Perhaps they only practiced in calm waters, or with less noise and activity. Or maybe the dog just didn’t feel like doing it that day. That’s the point where an experienced dog wrangler would say “sorry guys, it’s not going to happen today. We’ll have to use a different dog, or do it on another day.” And then they would take their dogs and practice jumping in the water, and make it fun, and the dog would be happy to do it again on filming day.

At the end of the video where a dog gets sucked under – that is just plain physics! If you have 8 motors churning the water, it creates an eddy at the end of the pool where the water hits the wall – the water rolls under and sucks everything with it. No surprise, but I guess the movie engineers didn’t see that coming. Huh. Maybe they should’ve practiced with a dummy first…

Whatever the case, I’m torn. A dog didn’t die, but it certainly had a bad experience. That dog was scared, and one dog nearly drowned. Those handlers and dogs will not be making movies anymore, they will be blacklisted. But as for boycotting the movie? I’m not sure I’m on board with that.

Now don’t get all incredulous and judgy on me – hear me out!

I’m feeling a little two-faced about the whole thing! How can I boycott a movie where a dog had a close call, when I routinely eat meat from animals that actually DID die? And don’t fool yourself – they did NOT die humanely! A bolt into the brain, a slit throat, any manner of horrible ends are met by animals every second of every day. Not to mention the horrid trips to the slaughter house! Have you seen the fear in their eyes? That’s disturbing! It’s the same fear that dog had in his eyes when he was being forced into the water.

But mmmmm, there I am, enjoying my bacon sandwich, grilling up those chicken breasts, licking my lips when I smell the turkey dinner. I know deep down what that meat went through, but I turn a blind eye to it. It sometimes sickens me, but…

How can I boycott a movie where a dog didn’t die when I can’t even give up eating meat?!

Don’t tell me it’s not the same thing. It’s EXACTLY the same thing. Mistreatment of animals, only the ones you eat are treated way worse.

So don’t judge me if I go to the movie. Judge me for not being a vegetarian!!!