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Posted on Jan 30, 2017

If you squint, does that title look like it says “Kiss”?? I was trying to be clever, but I’m not sure I succeeded…

Aaaaanyway, I am really hoping that Kevin and Sonia turn up on Kiss v-e-r-y soon! Not that I don’t appreciate Ara – I LOVE Ara – I am just anxious to get back into routine. Knowing that Ara was only filling in left me hanging, always waiting for the other show to drop (haha, see what I did there?!) Now that we know Kevin and Sonia are coming, I just want them to BE there!! I am SO excited for them to take the helm at that gong show – the ups and downs and drama at Kiss may finally have come to an end. Whew!

So, who are Kevin and Sonia?? If you aren’t a Peak listener, you won’t recognize the names except for what you’ve read on this blog. Let me give you a brief rundown:

Kevin had an afternoon show on 99.9 Sun FM in Kelowna for 4 years, which is a top 40 hits station owned by Bell. After that he had a mid-day show on 95.3 here in Vancouver (which was Virgin back then but is now Z95.3), another top 40 hits station. From there, Kevin was enticed to return to Kelowna with the offer of a morning show on his previous station, 99.9 Sun FM, where he would co-host with his friend Sonia. This morning show’s success is what probably led them to be head-hunted for The Peak’s morning show back in 2014. The Peak is a station owned by Jim Pattison Group.

I *believe* Sonia worked in TV before she was paired up as a morning co-host with Kevin in Kelowna. I recall reading that somewhere, or else she talked about it on The Peak. Can’t remember. Sonia and Kevin hosted their Kelowna morning show for 4 years, then hosted The Peak’s morning show for 2 years. Their show was syndicated and played in the afternoons on a “hottest hits” station in Kelowna, Q103.1 FM (another Jim Pattison station).

Sonia and Kevin made it to the top in the Okanagan, only to take a dive in the big city. They went from top 40 hits to alternative rock. Yoiks! That’s quite the leap, even for seasoned hosts. I was pretty surprised when they started at The Peak, but hoping for the best for the new kids on *this* block. With their perfect hair and manicures, they seemed to be the anti-Peak. You know: alternative, hippy-ish, grungy. But here are Kevin and Sonia – pretty and shiny and the opposite of dirty. Huh. Oh well, let’s give them a chance!

As it turned out, this was not the right fit – not for them, not for us, not for the station. Don’t get me wrong – I ADORE Kevin and Sonia – they are the hardest working duo in current Vancouver radio! They are young, sharp, keen, flexible, creative, innovative, open, vulnerable, and kind. Even after getting fired, they did Fist Pump Fridays, they had Facebook Live shows, and stayed in touch with their fans. They ooze positivity, acceptance, and generosity. This young and hip attitude will fit well with their new station Kiss (a Rogers station) and will (hopefully) connect with their young audience.

Kiss has taken a shit-kicking over the past few years, so I hope this is a sign that they’re on the rise. The music is good, it’s just the flashiness that drives me away. Hopefully Kevin and Sonia will be a calming influence, bringing class to the station while still being fun and hip. They can certainly connect with younger listeners while still appealing to the older crowd with their lovely personalities!

Kudos to Kiss for scooping up K+S. This is the first time I have wanted to turn my dial to 104.9 in a looooong time!