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Posted on Feb 21, 2017

I don’t mean to bellow, but I need you to read this post! It contains important information you need to know if you intend on playing Beat the Bank on QMFM or asking Virgin to Beat Your Bills.

The long-awaited announcements were made this morning: Virgin is bringing back Beat The Bank, and QMFM’s Beat The Bank is returning. Hurrah!

But before you get too excited, here are some things to note:

To be eligible for either contest, you can’t have won anything in the past 30 days from any of these Bell stations:

Virgin 94.5 FM

QMFM 103.5 FM

TSN 1040 on AM

TSN 1410 on AM

The rules specifically state that you can’t have won anything from the radio stations in the 30 days prior to the start of this contest. That means if you’ve won even movie passes since January 28th, you can’t win. Even if your 30 day period is over during the contest (February 27th – April 21st), you still can’t play. Nor can anyone who lives with you, related or otherwise.

The rules do not mention CTV however, so you can win on CTV and still win on QMFM or Virgin or TSN. And if you’ve won on a Bell radio station, you CAN win on CTV. The rules on CTV’s site say “Individualsthat have won a Station contest within the thirty (30) days preceding the start of the applicable Contest (as well as those with whom they reside) are also not eligible to enter.” (sic)

These are the official rules according to their website, however it seems some of the people at Bell are not aware of the rules. Often the hosts themselves are unaware of the official rules (they tend to change so I can imagine it’s hard to know which ones apply at the moment.) The receptionists can also be unaware of the current state of Bell rules – hopefully they have a copy posted at reception for reference!

If you are ever challenged when you try to pick up a prize, feel free to quote me – I’ve downloaded all their rules so I have copies in case they change them. I know a few of you have had trouble with them so please don’t let them bully you – if you won a prize fair and square, you have the right to claim that prize. I’m on your side and will stand up for you.

By the way, you can only play Beat The Bank once. If you win, you’re out for the remainder of the contest and you can’t win anything else from their radio stations for 30 days. If you lose, you still get a $100 gift card for White Spot, which classifies as a win so you’re out of commission for 30 days. Remember: if you play, you’re out whether you win or win less (because that $100 to White Spot is still a great prize!)

Still excited? Then let’s do a happy dance! We’ve been waiting forEVER for a fun contest from Bell!

Let the games begin…