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Love Letter to Adam

Posted on Feb 22, 2017

Dearest Adam,
Fat and brown,
Coolest cat
This side of town.

It hurts me
When you don’t play fair
It’s Pink Shirt Day!
Don’t you even care??

If Canucks tickets go to caller nine,
We all want to go to the game.
When you take the winning call,
You always ask their name.

Hang tight, you say
And put them on hold,
But you didn’t come back
So I’m told.

What’s up with that?
Why do you cheat your friends?
Loyal listeners
With you till the end(s)!

Screening callers is bias
It’s not what I’d expect from you
Caller 9 is caller 9
Coo coo ca choo.

Don’t be a bully,
Don’t lie, don’t cheat.
Be kind, play fair,
Dear Adam, my sweet.