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Monday Feb 27th

Posted on Feb 27, 2017

Things That Happened:

My computer is pretty old, even thought it’s fairly new to me. I can’t update any programs for whatever reason, and slowly all of my stuff has stopped working properly. I can no longer see my Google Analytics, which I suppose is fine because it used to be such a time-waster. I’d sit and watch it for hours. LOL! But now I also can’t use Facebook properly, and it’s driving me mad! I can’t share posts, read messages, etc. If I don’t get a new system soon, I’m going to lose my mind. To that end, I am determined to win some CASH this month to buy a new computer!

I can’t believe how often I’m getting through for ZFX! I’ve only been the right caller once (with the wrong answer!) but at least I’m getting through. Caller 1, caller 6, caller 8 – it’s all good, I’ll get there again! I just need a really good answer… I think I have one too.

New This Week:

I change the names of contests to respect the station’s copyrights and whatnot. I don’t want to get in trouble for using their names, so until I hear otherwise I’ll play it safe and make up my own names for them.

Paycheck: CFOX starts calling names this week. If your name is called, you get 9 minutes to call them back at 604-280-2369 (CFOX). That’s not a lot of time, so I won’t be trying to track people down for this one. If the name is on my list, I will make contact. Otherwise, they’re on their own. Winners will get $250 with each play until someone else calls in to take their place. If the person doesn’t call back, their name goes back in the pool and could get called again later.

This contest goes until May 5th. May 5th!! That’s 2.5 months of 8, 11, 2, and 5. Ugh. LOL! That’s 48 days with 4 names each day, so 192 chances to win $250 or more. There may be another day in there, I’m not sure if I counted stats properly. If you’ve won anything from CFOX in the past 30 days, you are not eligible to win this contest. But once your 30 days are up, you can win all the other things the station gives away – hockey tickets, concert tickets, etc.

Beat the Crank: Here we go again! Caller 25 to 604-280-1035 gets to open vaults. If the alarm rings, you lose it ALL! But you still get a $100 gift card to White Spot, so you technically win a prize and can’t play again. Remember: if you’ve won anything from any Bell station in the 30 days before Feb 27th, you can’t play and neither can anyone you live with. Blah. I went over all Bell’s current rules in last week’s post HERE in case you missed it.

This one ends April 21st, which means there are 39 days and 156 chances to play. I’ve tried forEVER to get through for this but have had no luck. I kept really good records the last time it played so I’ll make us a nice graph again later. It may be time to buy some graph paper… if only I knew how to do it on a computer!

Defeat Your Debts: If you’ve registered on Virgin’s site (HERE), you’re in for the ‘random draw’ to have your name called at 7:10, 8:10, 12:10, or 4:10. If your name is called, you get 15 minutes to call them back. If you miss your name, it goes back into the pool and *may* be drawn again. A few years ago someone’s name got called twice during the contest and they got their bill paid each time! The rules state very clearly “Limit of one (1) Prize per person.” so maybe they added that after they made the mistake of paying someone’s bill twice. Ha!

This contest ends April 6th and there are 120 names called. Physical proof of the bill is not required in order to enter or win, but make sure you have it handy just in case. It can’t be a joint bill, it has to have your name ONLY on it, and the charges had to be incurred before February 27th.

Virgin also has an amazing online-entry contest for a trip to the Junos worth over $6000, so that might be worth entering before the deadline on March 12th. The Junos are in Ottawa on Sunday April 2nd, only enter if you can travel then.

Whitecaps: Today, tomorrow, and Thursday, you can win 4 tickets to see the Whitecaps. Tune in to TSN 1040 to win.


ZFX: you know the drill.

Artist of the Day: text VIP to 88000 and they’ll tell you when the song is about to play.

Gulf Island getaway: LG has another 2 day getaway, this time to Mayne Island. Enter HERE.


I will keep track of all things ZFX HERE.

Paycheck names are HERE.

Beat the Crank jackpots are HERE.

Defeat Your Debts names are HERE.


CFOX: Paycheck;

Rock 101:

QMFM: Beat the Crank;

Virgin: Defeat Your Debts;



Peak: Artist of the Day;

LG: Gulf Island giveaway


Zed: ZFX

TSN: Whitecaps tickets;

Check back later, there should be updates.


5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word (JRFM prize pack with water bottle, tshirt, cds)

6 – 10 – TSN, qualify for Long Beach Lodge Resort

6-10 – Rock 101, Whitecaps tickets

6:30 – CFOX, Stump the Show (Whitecaps tickets)

7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word is said (Eric Church tickets)

7:00 – Jack, No Time To Google ($100)

7:05 – QMFM, Beat The Crank

7:10 – Virgin, Defeat Your Debts name

7:30 – Rock 101, Grand IQ Test

7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

8:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

8:05 – QMFM, Beat the Crank

8:10 – Virgin, Defeat Your Debts name

8:10 – Kiss, Not So Secret Word (2 nights accommodations at Big White)

8:10 – Peak, text in a joke (SkyZone trampoline park package)

8:10 – The Pulse 107.7, $50 to Healthy Monkey Cafe

8:30 – CFOX, Paycheck name

11:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

11:00 – CFOX, Paycheck name

11:05 – QMFM, Beat The Crank

12 – 1 – CFOX, 90’s at Noon (Daniel Wesley tickets)

12 – 1 – Rock 101, Rock Trivia (?)

12:10 – Virgin, Defeat Your Debts name

12:15 – Peak, Rock Bite (Bastille tickets)

12:45 – Virgin, One Republic tickets

2:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

2:00 – CFOX, Paycheck name

4 – 5 – JRFM, U-Turn (?)

4:05 – QMFM, Beat The Crank

4:10 – Virgin, Defeat Your Debts name

4:45 – CFOX, ?

5:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

5:00 – CFOX, Paycheck name

8:00 – Z95.3, ?

As always, best of luck!