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The Last Station Standing(s)

Posted on Feb 1, 2017

I just noticed that I didn’t do a post about the last ratings race, which was between August 29th, 2016 and November 27th, 2016. We are already two thirds of the way through the NEXT ratings! Sheesh!!

Just a reminder: I have NO idea how these ratings work, what they mean, or how they affect anything. I just like looking at who’s ahead of whom.

Here are the standings from fall last year, the PPMs according to Numeris, taken from the Radio West post HERE. The first number is the % Share from Aug 2016 – Nov 2016. The (second number) is the % Share from the summer 2016. The second bracket is the % Share from the same time frame a year earlier (fall 2015), and the third bracket is the share from the summer 2015.

  1. QMFM – 10.2, (8.4), (13.7), (11.4)
  2. Rock 101 – 7.6, (7.5), (6.7), (7.2)
  3. Virgin – 6.1, (6.9), (6.5), (6.8)
  4. LG104.3 – 6.0, (6.9), (2.8), (2.5)
  5. JRFM – 5.7, (5.8), (4.9), (5.5)
  6. Z95.3 – 5.2, (6.5) (4.7), (5.9)
  7. Jack – 4.9, (4.9), (5.2), (6.8)
  8. CFOX – 4.7, (5.8), (5.5), (5.4)
  9. Kiss – 3.1, (3.6), (3.4), (3.4)
  10. Peak – 2.6, (3.6), (3.4), (3.4)

Interesting to see how the numbers have changed – some drastically!

WTH is up with LG 104.3?! Crazy movement there – somebody must be doing something right! Or the system’s flawed and these numbers are bunk (which is totally possible, because as I said, I have no idea how to read these properly!)

Looks like Peak’s numbers dropped significantly after they let Kevin and Sonia go back in August 2016. No surprise there.

Kiss’s numbers have dropped steadily since Kid Carson left, with a brief uptick last summer. It almost looks like QM lost listeners in the summer and everyone else’s numbers went up accordingly! Hah!

CFOX and Zed also had notable dips. Could be a seasonal dip for Zed, since their listeners would be back in class and not able to listen to the radio as much. (I’m really just making this up as I go along…)

Who should be worried? Well, Peak I suppose. But there’s nobody left to fire, so…

But CFOX – yoiks! When they fall from 4th place to 8th within one year, maybe things aren’t going so well? It could be time to shake things up a bit there.

Again, totally talking out my ass – noooooo idea what these numbers mean. I *think* they have something to do with the % 0f market share, by means of hours tuned in. Ugh, it’s complicated. But I’m just going to use these numbers as a ranking system because it makes sense in my jumbled brain!

The next set of ratings comes out at the end of February (or beginning of March). I can’t wait to see if Kevin and Sonia are able to pull Kiss up in the ranks!