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Monday April 24

Posted on Apr 24, 2017

Things That Happened:

Nothing interesting happened that I know of.

My hubby mentioned Bro Jake has been off for quite some time. According to Twitter, he’s just “away” and will be back. Hubby thought maybe Bro was looking to go to Jack since they now have the rights to Canucks games. LOL! No. I forbid it. ­čśÇ

New This Week:

Clay and Karen are having a Cinco De Mayo party in the JRFM Lounge! Listen to their show to win your way in. This will be a good time, but you have to be an early riser because you will be there during their show (5:30am – 9am!) There will be drinks (?!), tacos, games, prizes, and a pinata. So much fun!!!

Jack’s new game Jack in the Box Office starts this morning. When you hear the cue to call, you have two minutes to text┬áTICKET to 969007. The person they call back will have to guess whether the Jack in the Box will POP or NOT POP. If they guess correctly, they go into the draw for the grand prize, which is two tickets to a shit-ton of concerts plus $1000 cash. Definitely worth playing for! Good luck!


Beat the Crank ends this Friday.

Dough or D’oh goes till June.

Payroll ends May 5th.

Kiss plays Nth track until the end of the month – one more week.

JRFM and Peak have the Artist of the Day.

ZFX is worth $25,000 at 8am! EEK!

***The song to text to 10456 at 7:30 this morning is “I Feel It Coming (feat. Daft Punk) by The Weeknd”***

There will definitely be updates so check back later.


I will keep track of all things ZFX HERE.

Paycheck names are HERE.

Beat the Crank jackpots are HERE.

Jack’s Win At Work names are HERE.


5:40 – JRFM, Secret Word ($75 to Clearview Garden Shop or invites to Brett Young in the JRFM Lounge)

6:10 – Jack, Jack in the Box Office

6:30 – CFOX, Stump the Show (?)

7 – 9 – JRFM, Secret Word is said ($75 to Clearview Garden Shop or invites to Brett Young in the JRFM Lounge)

7:00 – Jack, No Time To Google ($100)

7:05 – QMFM,┬áBeat The Crank

7:10 – Virgin, tickets to Bruno Mars

7:30 – Rock 101, Grand IQ Test

7:35 – QMFM, $1000 Minute

8:00 – Z95.3, ZFX

8:00 – Rock 101, Dough or D’oh

8:05 – QMFM,┬áBeat the Crank

8:10 –┬áJack, Jack in the Box Office

8:10 –┬áVirgin,tickets to Bruno Mars

8:10 – Kiss, Not So Secret Word (?)

8:10 – Peak, text in a joke (tickets to The Flaming Lips at Queen E)

8:10 – The Pulse 107.7, $50 to Healthy Monkey Cafe

8:30 – CFOX, Paycheck name

11:00 –┬áZ95.3, ZFX

11:00 –┬áRock 101, Dough or D’oh

11:00 –┬áCFOX, Paycheck name

11:05 –┬áQMFM,┬áBeat The Crank

11:10 –┬áVirgin,tickets to Bruno Mars

12 – 1 – CFOX, 90’s at Noon (?)

12 – 1 – Rock 101, Rock Trivia (?)

12 – 1:30 – Kiss, nth Track

12:10 –┬áJack, Jack in the Box Office

12:15 – Peak, Rock Bite (tix to Fast Romantics in the Peak Lounge)

2:00 –┬áZ95.3, ZFX

2:00 –┬áRock 101, Dough or D’oh

2:00 –┬áCFOX, Paycheck name

3 – 4:30 –┬áKiss, nth Track

3:10 –┬áVirgin, tickets to Bruno Mars

4 – 5 – JRFM, U-Turn (Invites to Brett Young in the JRFM Lounge)

4:05 –┬áQMFM,┬áBeat The Crank

4:10 –┬áJack, Jack in the Box Office

4:45 – CFOX,┬á?

5:00 –┬áZ95.3, ZFX

5:00 –┬áRock 101, Dough or D’oh

5:00 –┬áCFOX, Paycheck name

5:10 –┬áJack, Jack in the Box Office

8:00 – Z95.3, ?

8 – 9:30 –┬áKiss, nth Track

As always, best of luck!