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The Curtain Closes

Posted on Apr 28, 2017

It’s time.

It’s time to move on.

When I started this blog 3.5 years ago, I had a little one at home and a little one in grade one. I wasn’t working outside the home because my family needed me, and writing about contests kept my brain active. When the littlest one started school, I was emotionally spent and needed the break, and writing about contests made me happy. Then there were puppies and play dates and countless other hurdles that kept me at home, and writing about contests kept me sane. Now that my kids are slightly older and not hanging on my hems anymore, I’m looking inward and forward.

This year has been one of internal turmoil, the notches on the Failure Belt increasing with each passing month. There was the effort to start a side business (Finnish food) which is still a thing but do you know who likes Finnish food? Nobody. I wrote a few books, pitched them to publishers, and heard crickets. To add insult to injury, over the last 3 months my computer has slowly stopped working for certain sites. First I lost Google Analytics, then I lost Facebook, and last week I lost Twitter for a while. The web keeps asking me to update my browser, but my operating system is too old. This computer is a dinosaur and can’t handle a new heart.

Perhaps my biggest misstep (not exactly a failure, but more an error) was making this site a Members Only site. It was the first step in letting go, and a pivotal moment in this chapter of my life. I discovered my passion for contests was just that: a passion. Once that turned into a job, it was no longer a passion; it was a chore. A chore I resented every time it interfered with my day. When I did it simply for the love of contests, it was an inconvenience but I didn’t resent it. Now that I do it for money, it’s taken all the fun out of it.

Another thing that takes the fun out of it is not winning. I haven’t won a damned thing in forever. I’m not even playing most of the things I keep track of, so it seems silly to stress myself out for something that is of no benefit to me personally. While sharing all of the contest info with the public was never of any benefit, it was a joy. My mistake was offering to keep track of things that I had no interest in – it squeezed all the joy out of it. I’ve no one to blame but myself – nobody asked me to do it, I volunteered.

And now, I’m un-volunteering.

As the curtain closes on this act, I look ahead to my new ventures with excitement instead of trepidation. The unknown is a familiar place for me because I love change, I thrive on it, and I’m excellent at rolling with the punches and adapting to new norms. If I don’t like what’s coming, I’ll change course and forge a new road.

Now I will be spending my days writing instead of listening to the radio. Luckily my computer is still good for typing and uploading books to Amazon. I have one novel half done, and another three on the back burner, all of which I’m really proud of and excited about.

The novel I’m half way through writing is a chick book, the story of a woman who starts a body-scratching business. She has all sorts of adventures (and mis-adventures) along the way, and some of the people along for the ride are fascinating characters. It’s a fun book to write, and I hope it will be entertaining to read. My research for the book includes starting my own scratching business, so I hope you will come visit me at my treatment room at 3261 Heather Street in Vancouver on Wednesdays. Check out my website here:

As for contests, I’ll still be trying to play. It’ll just be happening at my convenience and less frantically. I’ll share contests on the Facebook page when I can, and I’ll write posts when stuff happens (like personalities getting fired/hired!) I’ll also have your back if you have any questions or issues with contests or stations. E-mail me anytime, I’m still here for you. And I presume whoever is running FREEcontestsvan will keep putting up a schedule for you (better late than never.)

I love radio and will always be listening, so I hope to hear you on there. And maybe you’ll hear me there too…