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Rock A Bye Jack

Posted on May 26, 2017

Rock a bye Jacky,

Not near the top,

When the ratings blow,

The station will rock.

When the contract breaks,

The hammer will fall,

And down will come Jacky,

DJs and all.


All of Jack FM Vancouver’s on-air staff were let go today. While this turn of events shouldn’t surprise anyone, I must say it came as a bit of a shock to me today. It’s the time of year for shake-ups but this one I didn’t expect. Humph.

I’m going to miss Kiah & Tara Jean’s antics, though I suspect they won’t be off air for long. Where could they go that would be a good fit for them? The Peak? They’d bring new fans to that station. Or maybe they’ll start their own YouTube channel or online comedy show. I would TOTALLY tune in to TJ’s skit comedy show a la Carol Burnett!! Come on, TJ, DO IT! You’re too good for radio (no offence, radio!)

Rumour has it Jack will become Rock 96.9 and will compete with CFOX, Peak, Rock 101, and even LG at times. As if that’s not bad enough, my husband suspects Bro Jake will leave TSN and move over to the new 96.9 station because then he gets to stay with the Canucks broadcasts! AUGH!! I can think of a few others who would make better hosts than Bro (like Todd Hancock, Larry Hennessey, Steve Ayres, etc.) but I’m not the one signing the cheques so they can hire whoever they like. Maybe they’ll bring in some new blood, but I guess we’ll find out in September (I doubt anyone knew will be starting over the summer.)

Feel free to add your gripes, comments, worries, and/or general thoughts here. Misery loves company, and sharing your grief with strangers is sometimes the best medicine…