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NOT a schedule

Posted on Jun 29, 2017


This is NOT a schedule.

I have no idea what contests are happening right now, and I don’t care. I barely even listen to the radio these days!

However, I DID tune in to Jack’s New morning show a few times to get a feel for the new hosts. Let’s just say I didn’t stay long… A simple scroll through Paul’s tweets already had me a bit skeptical, but I had high hopes for Kuss. Ah well, we already knew Jack’s decision makers were flawed – you can’t expect a puppy not to pee on the floor.

Have you seen Tara Jean on Breakfast Television? She’s a great cohost! So nice to see her every morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and spunky as ever.

Though it was sad to see Cruise leave, I think Ruby and Leslie sound awesome together over on Zed. It will be interesting to see if they keep the show RuLie or add a male cohost – they are the only station without a male morning show! Love it!

Peak’s new hosts have moved to Vancouver and I expect they will be moving into the studio soon. Another 2-dude show. Goody. 🙄

Though I’m not playing anything (I even disconnected my Telus landline!), I still hear some contesting things here and there. Qualify for this, qualify for that, win concert tickets, Whitecaps tickets, etc. Nothing has sparked my interest, but I think the resurgence of big prizes in September might be enough to lure me out of my den…

I’m sorry to see your friend at the Free site hasn’t been very reliable. Maybe they’re just waiting for someone else to do the work for them? Because it IS a lot of work, and despite their claims that it’s not worth paying for, I guess they really just proved the old adage “you get what you paid for.”


  • Jean Honig

    You did an awesome job ! and we all miss you ! ya , not much happening on the airwaves , and the shuffles of hosts, sometimes , get’s aggravating , I was hoping Kuss would be a good fit , havnt really listened much in the a.m. although I am up early .. I saw Tara Jean , on BT television , i think she will do good, she is quirky enough ! although I still always wonder ,why Jody Vance left, I know she is on radio, but I really liked her on BT ..she was good .. I guess we will never know , just as Colleen Christy suddenly gone from CTV after all those years, we will never know why , but I do see her on Global at noon sometimes

  • janetjean

    Haven’t been playing too many contests these days also – just getting my priorities in order. Hope you’ve been keep well Anne! Time to focus more on family and such! Although, like you said, September is something to look forward to for the big prizes! 🙂 Blessings!


    I think many people would agree with you. I think if your turning on the radio for the first time in Vancouver at like 18 years of age, it may sound fun. But if you have listened for years, its in no way like the previous two decades. Qualifying or registering people to win a blank space on the radio dial contest page is very sad. There are less people listening to local radio, the pie is continuing to shrink, you can hear a pin drop as you go and pick up your case of raisins at the station.

  • Emilia

    radio is not the same at all they sound like robots and plastic to me. I am on a break too and I love it, take care